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Monday, June 20, 2011

30 Things in 30Days: Day1

*pandangan keliling bilik mesyuarat*
semua orang sibuk dengan hal masing masing. me, not excluded. busy thinking bout this '30 Things in 30Days' that i said earlier. last week, Tn Wan Zul said he'll give us new task, cases he need to finish up ASAP. but until now, not a single word from him. so, until then let make use this free time as we should. *wink*

Day 1 — Your favorite song

i have lots of favourite songs, normal being always had that. but there is one song which have a deep, very deep meaning in my life.

click on the song title for lyric. i've been putting this here a year ago, a year full of new experiences. a year i knew him who made my heart glowing then glooming at the end. two years after crushing on him, deep into him, now i can freely calling him friend. those who knew, keep your mouth close ok. because now, that flying-like-a-butterfly feel is no longer with me. infactuation. he's a sweet guy, has a sweet smile. called him 'a favourite face' once before. *giggle* this song, it still reminisce me, remind me of some1 new.

mostly, the songs i listen to are those that i can say, swayly music(?). lagu yang slow mendayu dayu la kiranya. for english song, i prefer Plain White T's. their songs reflect reality. the pain, the lovely.

i used to listen crazy-ly to System of A Down. in the top list are, Lonely Day and Roulette. a friend said '1st time tengok ada perempuan suka lagu system'. hoh?. i first listened to SOAD when i was in form2. being in a class full of 'budak nakal' made me this. but trust me, SOAD songs are great. great in relieving stress.

another is, Zee Avi. a malaysian whose being famous in the west. i dont remember which country. her songs and her voice are the greatest. cant list out which one i listen the most because i love all her songs. ok, give you one song, Bitter Heart. listen to it!. *haha*

i dont really into malaysian singer. but i do listen them, it's not that i dont. i like the song but not the singer. if the song is meaningful to be heard, then i'm in it. sometimes, the indie song is better than the you-know-who-i-say singer. compared to malaysian song, im more to indonesian song. because mostly the songs they had are the one that shows real life. they sing the reality, not the fairy tales ending. Lyla, heard them? Bernafas Tanpamu, their first song i heard. one of my favourite group singer. it's like listening to Plain White T's in Indonesian version. i mean the meaning they had in their songs, not the way they sing or the music they bring in.

there's a lady singer. indie. i adour her. the song she wrote by her own, and she sang by herself is the one i'll listen to when i was down to the earth. i know you know her *tongue* two of her songs that inspired me, 'Pheonix' and 'Sampai Tua'(i played guitar for this, only for the starting, :P).

Azreel Azhar, ever heard of him?. Sesal, Mahbubku(together with his group) and Berhenti Mencari Rindu. give it a try ok.

lagu Jayzuan pun sedap! jap, apa tajuk dia?............ ok, jumpa dah. For Lovers. p cari sendiri. :P

*each song remind me of the phases i have in life, the upside down, the broken heart, the happy moment with you, everything. 
i think my taste is transiting. lately i listen to malay/indo songs most of the time. mode patah hati kot.

*lagi satu, dengar lagu nie. Hidup Ini Mahal-Goliath. lagu nie comel!!!

.. lalalalalalalalalalalalala..
.. those link i give is lyric not song/video because cant open up the utube here. huuu

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Balqis Riza said...

aku suke gak lagu2 system..dulu2 layan lagu metal n grunge..haha

►içéq◄ said...

hahaha.. skg layan ag x??.. aku layan masa stress r lagu2 camtu.. kui2~

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