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..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

our 3rd week

Monday blues;

starting the day by assuming; 'minggu nie free'. and me, bringing along my laptop to ease the job. punch in the punch card before 8, then having early nescafe at the pantry. last week, Tn Badri said, 'saya nak kamu semua turun untuk perhimpunan bulanan. kat B1, ada dewan tahu kan?'. 8.20am, we left the office and heading to B1(basement 1). it  was a freezing place! i wonder if this one building is actually freeze lika artic. sitting with intan and separate from the others kinda made me blur, i forgot ladies and gentlemen had to sit separately. this assembly was a long way to go. like what we had in the school once before. the different was, the main man whose speak in front, is one of the important person in the country. here, we sang the Negaraku, Lagu Wilayah Persekutuan, and Bersama Lakukan Perubahan. it was years i dont sang Negaraku. also, we had the ikrar.  next, we had the buletin reading, some kind like a report of what the team had done for May, the money value they got from 'lucut hak' and 'sita harta' and the operation they carried together with the total of culprit they got. the last part was the speech from the Ketua Pesuruhjaya. it was a long speech, serious. and we played monopoly all the way round. finish the assembly around 1030, had 'jamuan ringan' of nasi lemak. before leaving the hall, the announcer told to stay back for 2 talks. once we got the nasi lemak, we headed back to the tingkat 6, entering the office and met up some other officer. 'takyah la turun', they said. as a good practical student to a good supervisor, we didnt. *tongue*

it was noon, and we're given a new task. a new case. and we were asked to analyze the exhibit. another long way to settle down. busy day. and there Tn Ridhwan came in, asking us to go for lunch, 'dah makan belum? ada duit tak nie nak pergi makan? nah ambil nie, g beli makanan'. us, speechless and at 1st trying to say no but he kept saying 'take it'. that day, when we had this operation at shah alam, it was him also who paid the bill. the officers here were kind-hearted when it come to food. trust me. because the day we went back from shah alam, two officers bought us waffle because had them company for the day. today, no $$$ slipping from our wallet. then, a savior, (i called him that) came. Tn Wan Zul steppd in, asking we're ok or not and saw what we had done to the exhibit. he was like ':O. what had you done?'. later, he taught us of what we should do and help us a lot on the next hours. giving reason why i called him the savior. in the evening, teammate played that 'angry bird' game because everyone were out of idea on what to do next. with all the codec we needed to download, and software as well. they killed. so, we decided, lets continue tomorrow since it was almost 5.

Tuesday still had the blues feel;

second day of the 3rd week. as usual, punch in, had an early drink at the pantry, buy keropok lekor from the cafe using the RM3 balance from yesterday's Tn Ridhwan-punya-duit-belanja. only then, we continued the thing we left yesterday. early morning, Tn Wan Zul came in. asking the same, 'macam mana?'. told him the problem we had, and he gave some idea of what should we do next. 10am, Tn Ridhwan stepped in, 'siapa nak ikut saya beli barang kat alamanda arini?'.

around 1130, Tn Wan Zul knocked the door, 'eh, cepat cepat turun. kena kosongkan bangunan nie'. we're puzzled and he said, 'eh, betul nie'. reaching the 1st floor outside the building only then we heard the safety bell ringing. and we heard from some other staff, they felt  the building shaked. almost an hour later, the firetruck reached. and we're deciding to had some snack in the cafe. starving. having another keropok lekor and teh tarik was a good way to chill the stomach. then, faiz and min joined us. at 1pm, we headed back to the office. seem the firestuck had went home. later, faiz and min continued the analysis while intan and me followed Tn Ridhwan buying the 'barang dapur'.

late noon, Tn Wan Zul came again. at the moment, we're just finish the writing report after reporting to Tn Badri the file he wanted was not there. 'korg yakin ke file tu tak ada kat situ?', Tn Wan Zul was so good in giving psycho expression and asked a psycho question. we had a short discussion, and he told us so many things about forensic computer, his expert field. it was 4 something in the evening, and we had our lunch at the pantry, sitting together with the other officers. had talk and chat with them was kinda fun. day by day, we can see how good they are having fun toward each other. guess our days here will not be as bored as before. almost 5 and they played the pingpong. we left the building 530 and the road was damn jammed. intan said, 'lain kali korg nak main pingpong tu, jangan main pukul 5, tengok kita balik jam nie teruk r jammed dia'.

wednesday is today;

we decide not to have another analysis on the exhibit since Tn Badri have another eviden from the IO. so now, yaa now, im updating this in the office and they play this 'angry bird' again. still not meeting Tn Badri, means no new task. this 1030, we have to empty this meeting room as the officer gonna have their meeting here.

*today is english day perhaps.
*just forget the idea to bring own laptop, it cant access the internet. pffft!

.. rindu org2 tertentu..

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