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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

je ne sais pas..

hey there...ermm im not sure of what im going to talk here tonight but there's something that tickle me..hehe..tonight, i meet him it fall in love or just a play around feeling??..err forget about that..haha..i see him with the girls for the 4KL fesyen show. i wish im one of them..oppss kidding,hihi..
this week actually is a very busy week, same as fcb week last month. but this time the program is Karnival 4KL(kebudayaan, kesihatan dan k*** kuala lumpur)-it's my 1st and last 4kl perhaps, huhu..and once again im busy with borneo dancing with both perasmian and penutup performance.aihh~im tired but that's the life, cant run from it even if i can..
cant wait for the 4kl to finish this sunday..cepatla masa!! weekend this week will be the busiest weekend i think. after performance, i have to monitor the booth for sukaneka then the next day, in the morning monitor the forensic's booth. at night, one more performance for closing ceremony. ayaaa..tired!!..psstt hope that i meet him again..haha..*im crossing my fingers now*hehe
right now, i have lots of meeting minutes i have to type, and also later post mortem and everything that secretary have to do. gosh, i wish i have the rajin-mood but now im seriously in lazy-mode to do other things..waaaa...
just now i have 3 things i had..1st dancing practise, 2nd closing ceremony reheasal and 3rd meeting sukaneka..i feel im vomiting tonight but luckily im not,huahua..after meeting, i come back to dsg for practise and i didnt realise him is behind me.glupp..can i stand beside him and talk to him anything???<--ayat gedik rekaan semata2 so tlg jgn caya~~=P

p/s: 'je ne sais pas' is my favourite french phase which means 'i dont know'. at this moment i dont know what im going to do and thanks god tomorrow morning class is cancel..*yeahh*
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Friday, February 20, 2009

just wanna talk nonsense~~

haluu...lets talk nonsense things today in happy mode now..not because the physioanat exam is over but something else is the reason
this noon at cafe i met him, some1 that i admire of..goshh, seriously im quite excited..haha
salma texted me saying that mr.f (bkn nama sebenar) is at cafe. in rush, i put on my baju kurung and went down stair directly to the cafe..crazy isnt,haha..once i stepped into the cafe,i saw him and he smiled at me..omg, im in my kontrol-ayu mode now and just gave him a thin smile..huahua..then i thought i wanna have lunch (it like killing 2 birds with 1 stone..hehe..) but then i felt im not really hungry, i ate some crackers just i just had my iced tea and salma have her lunch..drink tea and took a look at him..i did same thing again and again..seems ill never meet him again after this and there it comes when someone tell me that actually mr.f is staying at K1..OMG..heyy how come i never notice him being here, at K1 at the cafe before..

fyi, some people ask me..what is the thing that you see in him(mr.f)??..everyone gets surprise when i show them the one that i admired. mr.f is not a handsome guy(in mpov) but he have this sweet smile which i love to see. i dont mind him not a handsome and tough guy but the feel is just come. once he smiled at me during the PAP night,i started to like him. i think that is the reason why i dont want to put any line of what kind of guy i want to be as my bf/husband.

hehe..ok, lets stop quite sleepy and headache now..playing basketball at night is a cool idea..nice idea to put me in sleep or get to study(got enough oxygen but a lil' bit tired)..heyy,give it a try later guys..^_^
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a song dedicated to all forensic 1st year students 2008/09 3rd batch

teman by knowno

yang mampu ukirkan senyumanku
adalah kamu...kamu...kamu
teman yang slalu ada disisi dan hatiku

tanpamu teman,aku hilang haluan
hidup tak berseri bagai bulan tanpa sinaran
dan kau,umpama kilauan indah pelangi
bumi kau sinari dengan cahaya berwarna-warni
aku hargai setiap tangisan mahupun senyuman
wajahmu menjawab setiap sukarnya soalan
berbagai budi,tak jemu kau taburi
dan kau biar aku bertemankan manis memori
usah kau ragu,sedang lidah lagi tergigit
teman pasti selisih biarpun hanya seminit
tapi selagi kita genggam teguhnya janji
menjadi sejuk panasnya walau besar baraan api
dan kau temanku,ubat penawar rindu
beribu-ribu hati diolah menjadi satu
mari hargai setiap detik gembira ataupun hiba
biar kita kekal jadi teman untuk selamanya


berjuta-juta bintang berkelip di langit
kita renungi indahnya sambil menjerit 'teman slamanya'
begitu manisnya kenangan sama dirasa
suka dan duka,sedih kecewa
senantiasa ada untuk mendengar
kau bukakan seluruh hatimu pada ceritaku
teman kau milikku selamanya
semadikan kenanganku
semadikan kenanganmu
tika mulanya bertemu
hingga hujungnya hayatku
agar kita kan berlagu
dalam nyanyian hidupku
aku akan pastikan kita akan
selamanya menjadi satu...

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18 february 2009 is 18 february..wondering why i choose this date??
it's my birthday and today im having genetic midsem paper this morning
guys, do you believe in luck on your birthday??..i always thought of that my birthday is just a normal days as the other, the difference is the day will be full of birthday wishes..and broad smile..haha..

yesterday, i thought 2009 birthday will be as before but im wrong. thanks to fellow coursemate for that. they have a surprise party for me and omg, there's a cake with candle and present..they took the video as suspecting something when izni came to my room and said that lina need me to accompany her to the cafe..heyy, cafe at 1215 am??..fine, i just say ok ill go, maybe she need something from the cafe. once i open f409 door, i saw everyone were there. lina,syira,shaza,aya,shida,zu,salma,intan,fady,dila n izni..thanks guys..sayang korunk sgt2, i hope our friendship is last forever..

owhh,about the paper today is going smooth..because it's my birthday today or because that paper is as easy as kacang(wonderinf how's miss lam doing now??..haha teringat plak).hope that i can score well for this paper. it's not an easy subject im telling you.biology molecule and now we're studying genetic. something that sound familiar but need lots of reading..reading is my weakest part..wuuu..

whatever it is..lets have luck today and wish me for my midsem exam also..huahua

~the girls of forensic sc~
n me holding cake wearing shirt, a gift from amy a few minutes ago
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#life with no change#

everytime it comes to the end of the year, everyone will talk about new 'azam' and other new things. new sem also is included but the problem is, did i have one???..oh'ho..i dont really know if i need new 'azam' or not,but i do really hope if i can be a better person than yesterday..and with this new sem, i wanna be a more hardworking forensic girl(must read more and wake up early!!). it's 2 months already and wanna know what..i dont think i have come to any positive change than before..ayooo, would you help me to figure it out why???..wuuuwuuu..that's why never want to call it as 'azam'..wink*

right now, im strunggling for midsem exam-tomorrow is genetic paper,the next day is physionantomy paper..and im not finish reading the genetic yet!!..gosh..

back to the life seems not changing since school era, but if i poke into deep inside i just realise me myself did change. the way i tread people around me and the way i express my feeling towards others. emm..recently, i joke people alots and make fun(not make fun of others..dont misunderstand that..huhu)..had become a person that have lots of things to share with. im no longer a solitude girl i used to. do you think that can be the positive changes of life??..i dont sure for that seriously. im starting to talk to some1 new what happen yesterday during lab. i talk to shaza's lab partner. it might sound lame but for me, i never do that before. sometimes wondering, is that the changes that very1 who is getting older will go through??.because im 20 now.. huahua

think back to the past, and compare it to the present. im having changes in my life. wanna have an experiment??..haha..lets make an hypotesis:what life change means??
now, lets have the case file..
1. i dont talk much at school, just talk necessary things to, i talk almost everything to everyone..tell them jokes and laughing
2. i dont care what others gossip, im listening to what controversion happens in class.
3. im a quite passive girl and solitude one..but now, didnt become one anymore. the 1 that i've maintained is being as ayu as i may and dont get messy infront of you..

so,how isn't? a lil' bit change right..all the 3 happen since matriculation years..i can say the surrounding give the effect. with new friends and new place, changes are possible. and the result, life did change and i didnt notice of it at all..

note for everyone: be at new place and meet new people if you want the best changes in you life
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it's been a while, right...

heyy..3 months i didnt get here isnt..haha..busy life is attacking again..*sigh*

ermm..right now,im really ok. ohh it's exam week im telling u. my course is still attending lecture while the others are having 'cuti' if they're not having exam..(it's unfair!!!)
but..what else can we do..bangi campus got no break for midsem exam bcoz they're having it at night or weekend..aihh.. event..ermmm,same as yesterday,last week,last month and even same as last semester..d'oh..we're having lecture here at kl n also at bangi. means that we're leaving early morning from kl to bangi then went back to kl early tired,really really tired..all i can do is sleep and listen to music in the bus with almost 1 hour jam..have something to read is impossible,i cant read in a moving thing..ayoo

ok,lets talk something else..ermm,last month we had this thing they called it 'fiesta citra budaya' function. guess what??..i became one of the gimmick dancer representing the Borneo. there were 4 of us,means the other is representing the Malay,Chinese and Indian.

after that,i danced for Borneo part..this time it was not only me but with the other borneo dancers also. seriously, that was the best thing that happened in this sem. i started to know the other Borneo students(note:Borneo refer to Sabah n Sarawak). it been 3 years i didnt involve in traditional dance, thanks god i still remember at least 50 % how to dance..kah2..

but,the most important thing that happened was i met someone new. i can say that he's quite different from any other guys that i met. it's something with his appearance. some of my friends said he's a lil' bit girly style but some said he's not. so, which one is right??, i dont really know him well. i like him since the moment he smile and said hi..gosh~its sound easy for me to fall in love,dont u think so??..

i wish i have the courage to talk to him but since fcb i met him cafe and he was having this discussion i dont know what..omg, i thought i never met him again..huahua..

ok,emmm..i guess i stop here..hope can meet again in a short of case the server is merajuk again, who knows..kui2..

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