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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

would you,please?(episode 5)

Days of hear nothing from you is not an easy thing for me.
Lock myself in my room and think back of my feeling on you also not an easy thing.
I want to tell you something, can you please listen to me quietly?
I’m trying to forget everything about you.
Don’t know whether it’s a good decision or not.
As much as I think of it, the feeling deep inside becomes stronger.
It never fades, never turn away from me either.
I might never know your past, where you’re come from or how your lifestyle before.
But I’ll never take that as the reason to refuse you.
And now, I’m regretting, regret that I allow you to take away the key.
I’m wondering, where’s actually you hide the key.
I want my key back. Would you, please?..
~to be continued~
nota bersepah: kebuhsanan terlampau nie...
fakta:skg dh dok plaza here for next 2 weeks for shortsem..hehe..
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Friday, May 29, 2009


My 3rd semester lectures that will start on 1/6/2009 will cover two papers: (1) Teknologi maklumat & elektronik and (2). Forensik Imejan. Below are the sequence of lectures that I will conduct:

Forensik Imejan
Introduction -Lecture
Collecting data -Assignment
Knowing just enough about digital images -Hands-on
Workspaces -Hands-on
Getting images in and out -Hands-on
Photo enhancment: shadow and highlights -Hands-on
Natural color -Hands-on
Fine tuning error -Hands-on
Common problems in touch-up -Hands-on
Combining images -Hands-on
Filters -Hands-on

Teknologi maklumat & elektronik
Forensic IT: Introduction -Main notes
PC & hardware -Main notes
Operating system directory structure -Main notes
File directory and structure -Main notes
What about file name? -Main notes
Help …. my files have been deleted! -Main notes
Forensic IT assignment 1 -Assignment
How does a network function? -Main notes
How does computers communicate? -Main notes
Network hacking - port and ping! -main notes
Internet and data movement -Main notes
Hacking - eyes from the inside -Main notes
Monitoring your in and out… -Main notes
Wireshark packet analysis: Killing time -Assignment
Wireshark live tutorial -Tutorial
Assignment: Who is calling home? -Assignment (additional marks)
Email -Main notes
Encryption - Pretty good password -Main notes
The hidden message of Steganography -Main notes

Cracking an encrypted zip file -Main notes
Hard disk … RIP -Main notes
Brute force attack -Main notes
Forensic IT: Assignment 2 - session 2008/09 -Tutorial
orensic IT assignment 2 -Assignment
Forensic IT assignment 3-Assignment
Forensic IT assignment 4 -Assignment
Mount an image file -Main notes
Anatomy of a hack: A study -Additional notes
Digital evidence: Book -Reference book
Book: X-ways forensic -Reference book

To ensure a smooth lecture, students are required to have
A laptop with wifi facilities.
Able to access internet.
A camera or a handphone camera with a minimum 1 MP configuration.
Ability to transfer data from handphone to laptop.
Legal copy of WindowsXP.

When do you start?
Lecture will be conducted every weekday for the next 14 days (2 weeks). All lectures will start at 1000 to 1200 and again at 1430 to 1630pm. There will be no lectures for these two dates: (1). 2/6 and (2). 4/6. Venue for lectures is BSC1. Please bring your laptop for every session except for the first session (1/6).
See you soon!

nota bersepah: nie copy n paste dari blog Dr KO..hehe..winXP??..oh my gosh~
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Monday, May 25, 2009

:::my shopping story:::

Haii guys..^__^

Erm..just wanna hang out here for a while. Yesterday went shopping. Wanna guess what I bought yesterday?? Ngeh2, no need la..=P..yesterday is totally shopping for furniture. I think shopping furniture this time is not hard as shopping for shoes..hehe..

So, we went to Chan Furniture building. Setting my eyes at the 3rd floor, this place is quite huge for only its own selling. The saleman told us their monthly fee is more than 10k. gosh, expensive isn’t it.
After a short eyeing and surveying in the 3rd floor, I decide on this I small 3 door drawer.

Simple but nice to see.

On top of it, I want to put my matric class photo and some other frame as well. Then, sumbat those things that don’t have place to live on this entire life.(hyperbola sket..keh2)
Shortly after that, we went to Wisma Satok. This time wanna shopping watch. It’s been a year I don’t have watch and im deciding to have 1.^__^.

I like the pattern, segi 8. What it’s name hoh?.octahedral?(im bad in geometry..ahak)..1st time see it, im being tackled..hehe

And not forgetting 1 thing, yesterday after 10years didn’t go to Sugarbun, we had our lunch there.
The famous thing about Sugarbun 10 years ago was their rice. If we compare Sugarbun with KFC or McD, only Sugarbun have rice as one of their main meal. KFC only have their chicken rice recently but Sugarbun, the had it since they root their door here. And one more thing, KL (if im not mistaken, the whole Peninsular maybe) don’t have Sugarbun. Lalala~~

nasi sugarbun

Ok, that’s all for today. Shopping story, and the story of my new room member..

nota bersepah: i miss him

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Friday, May 22, 2009

i'm listening to...(episode 4)

Listening to those songs when I miss you, then crying silently when I cant takes it up.’ Listen to it if you cant sleep’ and that’s what I’m doing now. But, it never help me to sleep like what you used to say. Now, it’s 1.49 am, May 14 and my mind is full of you Cant get rid of it, cant even tell you how I miss you a lots. How badly I wish I can see your name appear in my screen and how happy I am when I see it. You’re exactly like a bird in the sky, come, and then go whenever the wind told you without knowing how would I feel or how would I react. I want to follow but my feet stop me. Did I have the right to go, fly with you in the open bright sky?

When I listen to the song you gave me, I ask myself; what should I do? Others told me to confess, and when I’m trying to, you don’t want to listen. Again, will you tell me what I should do? My mind says, it’s better as friends but my heart wants it more. Which 1 should I listen to, my mind or my heart? Or, is this the price I have to pay for falling in love with you?

nota bersepah: bila bc blek, mcm poem pn ad..huhu
fakta: lagu tu at 1st dgr ad la jgak wat layu mata..p ble dh lme2 imun plak, gt no effect dh..huhu
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Friday, May 15, 2009

indahnya senyuman itu (episode 3)

Nobody can predict when they will fall in love. So did I, never predict the smile I saw will hunt me down like a predator hunting the prey. ‘indahnya senyuman it’- only me can feel it that way, others?. They wont, because they’ll never understand it. The small thing inside that I had.
Knowing you is the sweetest thing happen to me. Even though we never talk to each other, only words connect us-I’m happy. Totally happy that you make me smile when I stood in the middle of people and make me laugh in the loneliness of midnight. How I wish that, I have the courage to make you mine. In one time, I’m eager to. But in one time, I’m lost in the idea in approaching you. in mind my, i'm making up this one plan, but then, got to cancel..adehh. dont have the 'keberanian' yet..=_=.
If one day you read this, please don’t ask me what or ask me why. Because I will never have the answers, more precisely I’m afraid that answers will only be my tears. Whenever you didn’t reply my messages, it makes me upset. And whenever I’m all alone, the loneliness reminds me of you, your jokes and your smile. Do you ever know that?
note: this morning while setting my hair, terigt rambut dlu2..i miss my straight hair!!!..huhu~
nota bersepah: esok nk g shopping(lama x jln kt kuching) plus, bli jam baru n mkn pizza hut..=)
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

lagu ini..did reflect me..=_=

dan sebenarnya-yuna

oh bulan
jangan layan diriku lagi
air mata membasahi pipi
dan lagu2 di radio seolah2 memerli aku
kau bersama yg lain
adakah perasaaan benci ini sebenarnya cinta
yang masih bersemadi untukmu
dan sebenarya ku mengharapkan
di sebalik senyuman mu itu
kau juga merindui aku

ku enggan
berpura pura ku bahagia

ku enggan
melihat kau bersama si dia
oh ku akui cemburu
telah menular dalam diri
kau bersama yang lain
adakah perasaaan benci ini sebenarnya cinta
yang masih bersemadi untukmu
dan sebenarya ku mengharapkan
di sebalik senyuman mu itu
kau juga merindui aku
pabila kau merenung matanya
ku rebah,
jatuh ke bumi
di saat kau benar-benar mahu pergi
seperti ku bernafas dalam air
adakah perasaaan benci ini sebenarnya cinta
yang masih bersemadi untukmu
dan sebenarya ku mengharapkan
di sebalik senyuman mu itu kau juga merindui aku

note: it's my story...plzz, listen to it..
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Haluu guys..^__^’s the 1st day after holiday and everyone is at their home I’m sure. Me, arrive at kuching aport yesterday at 3pm. Being delay about 10 minutes I think,huh. From aport, we stopped by at my aunt’s house 1st. ops, forget to mention, those that waiting for me at the aport is my mum, my aunt, my sist and her husband. Hehe, smpai2 tros peluk but no happy mother’s day, we went to my aunt’s house 1st to sent her back and had some family conversation. Went back to our own house about 5 o’clock. You know what; I’ve done something stupid that I shouldn’t did. I accidently mistaking my padlock key which I used to lock my small luggage [the red 1,remember?] 1st my brother try to help me to unluck it with his small skill of unlocking padlock but that 1 is unsuccessful. End of story, my brother-in-law cut it with some kind of machine [don’t know what its name] lastly I can open it. Thanks dearest brother-in-law. In the same time me, on9 for a while. Check everything, which then my mum told me. ‘ awak xleh on9 salu dh skg nie. Limit dia 10 jam sebulan ja.nnt dia cas lebey’[this conv shud be in iban but I’m translating it.ngeh]. Omg, 10 hours only???. Tidakkk!!.[but I’ve plan to convince her to let me use it more by saying I’ll pay for it]..huhu.

Another event that happens for today is, we’re having mother’s day family dinner. We have it at tabuan jaya, don’t remember the name of the restaurant but we’re having steamboat- not seafood like I’m hoping before T_T. I don’t really prefer steamboat. When I was a kid, w e always had our family dinner with steamboat. Then when I grow up, we change the steamboat with seafood dinner.

ok..gotta go..streamyx at home is quite suckz..negh2~
[plan nk upload gmba msk cni pon cancel]
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

~it's 2nd sunday of may~

helloo there...
ermm..i guess every1 knows what day it is today right. 2nd Sunday of mei-it's mother's day.
so here, i wish my mum happy mother's day and may God always bless you. i'll forever love you no matter what happen in the world. i always pray that i'll forever be your very good daughter and i'm glad if what i've done before make you proud- went to sbp, get the best result then be at ukm.
within my 20 years lifetime, i never wish my mum happy mother's day directly, only wish her through card and flowers. hehe, im full of ego since childhood and wishing something like this is a lil' bit hard for me. i started giving her flowers along with card was when i was in form 3. i still remember putting that flowers in her room just before i left back to hostel. and guess what, that flower still remain in her bedroom. =D. i did the same things until i end my school year except during the form 4, i gave the flower directly to her but without wishing, only with smile. [i'm deadly ego to wish right..huahua]
actually, i'm at LCCT airport right now sitting in mcD restaurant-waiting for my flight back to kuching. and later at night, we;re having family dinner especially for our mum. that's our activity since 2 years ago on mother's day, having family dinner at seafood restaurant. and as usual also, we're having my mum favourite dish-ayam lemon. then me, butter prawn[sibuk gak nk ad fav die..haha]. cant wait to be at home and hug her tightly. my flight is at 1255 and now, the clock is 1055. still have another2 hours. after this i'm going to check in and guys, pray for my journey k. i always get nervous in the plane(even though i've been in there thousand times but still..huuh)
owhh..forget i thing. thankz to dearest roommate, aimi shamima for accompany me to the kl central.. love you a lots..hehe..and thanks to man also, jaga amy baek2 tau..XD
ok guys. gotta go. guess the check in counter is open already.hehe..
daaa..see you all later, maybe after i finish my unpack of the stuff
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

packing time!!

fuhh...after a disaster week of exam, it ends at last..agaga~~. so now, it's packing time. at 1st i thought that, my things are not too much but once i get it all out. omg, is this all i have here for this 1 year at ktsn??. i started my packing on thursday night- just after the exam finished and settled up on friday night. must on friday night because im handing some of my begs to dila to be kept. ngeh2..but when i think of it back, why dont i just leave it here.errmmmm, bringing back all my comics and novels(have to arrange back my comics at home,adehh). with all those things-on the bed and on the floor as well, it makes me sick..rasa nk muntah!!..i ask lina to put some minyak panas on my back twice, only after that i'll be fine. but seeing again the messy things, makes my stomach want to throw away its content.x_x...
packing progress:
bought this small luggage on friday afternoon..[bau kedai lg nie..huhu]

muat2 ngn comics ja..T_T..blom msk magazine n attire..adehh ..

how the room looks like during the progress

everything is put everywhere..huahua

this is the meja that makes me rse nk muntah..x_x

all the luggage that i have..dr kiri: papa beg, mama beg n baby beg..hehe

yg ats katil beg tok kasut and la space sket nk sumbat other things..^_^
yg beg ketas mknan, pencilcase, botol air

nie plak..nk bwk blek acsesori bj iban yg pkai tme fcb aritu, etc..

ad patung mr bean gak-nk bg anak kazen..

n supposely nk ltak beryl dlm nie skali..p xmuat..=(

sorry beryl..awk terpksa ditnggalkn..nnt mama dtg jemput..huahua

so, that's how the packing mission is complete..[nk ambek gmba bilik dh siap kemas, p mls plak nk upload..hehe..later la hoh~]

note: my flight is tomorrow afternoon,1255..wish me a good travel k guys..hehe..syg korunk~
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

..::kuingin kamu::..

::kuingin kamu by romance::

Demi semua yang aku jalani bersamamu
Kuingin engkau jadi milikku
kuingin kau disampingku

Tanpa dirimu ku hanya manusia tanpa cinta
Dan hanya dirimu yang bisa
Membawa surga dalam hatiku

Ku ingin engkau menjadi milikku
Aku akan mencintaimu
Menjagamu selama hidupku
Dan aku kan berjanji
Hanya kaulah yang kusayangi
Ku akan setia disini

Bagaikan tangan sang dewi cinta
Yang berhiaskan bunga asmara
Dan membuatku tak kuasa

Di setiap alir darahku
Tersimpan di hati kecilku
Bahawa dirimu terindah untukku

Selama ku masih bisa bertahan
Selama ku masih bisa bernafas
Selama Tuhan masih mengijinkan
Kuingin selalu menjagamu

Selama ku masih bisa bertahan
Selama ku masih bisa bernapas

note: a song promoted by some1..^_^

comment: this song is deadly serious slow in music..but the lyric is deadly touching and sweet..i like~~
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 beautiful~

hey guys!! ^__^ of today..should i talk about my life or world's issue??..i think i prefer talk about myself..(psst:no need to look for any facts right..hehe).

life is beautiful...dont you think so??..some might say yup,it is but..some might say,it sucks..every1 has different opinion on life..and me...whatever happen,ill always say my life is beautiful..thinks positive babe~~

sadness and shit things might appear in life..but that is not a reason saying life is sucks..many things happen for reason, right? no matter that things are bad or good, sad or did happened for something else behind thinking of it as positively as you can, shit may become great experience of growing..dont you think so??..probably you will say that, it's easy to say but to act??..i wont deny that, because in life..nothing is easy..but still, life can be as sweet as the sweets from your childhood..^__^

like what happen in this past few months...arguing, crying then laughing together...all that give lots of glad and relieved that i argued with them once..sound weird kn..hehe..reasons??'s because, from that i just knew..finally i find the lights of friendship i've been looking for in these years..thanks girls for the second chance and turning the unforgivable crime into a memory that makes the life more indah..*wink*..hopefully the friendship will be 'hingga ke hujung nyawa''s so pity when certain people didnt see her/his fault and keep pointing to others..and with only one unexplained situation, break the relationship and never turn back..then, saying life is not as beautiful as it should be..

get angry is a normal thing that happen to nice if everyone can understand that being anger sometimes is needed(maybe life can be more beautiful with that thought??)...why?..think it yourselves..=P..but being anger doesnt means that you can say out any words in your mind..because words can be as sharp as swords, can hurt others then left the scar forever..people can forgive but some of then could never forget..that's the reality of life that probably we didnt see in our days..

fact: will forever love those people around me..especially jiran jaoh n jiran dekat..(^_^)
note: beauty of life is like a's us who create the puzzle..but those around us, living or unliving..are actually who complete that puzzle..

~people around me~

~jiran jaoh n jiran dekat~

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

im gaining the strength:episode 2

after a few days of thinking..and looking at that phone number,finally i've made a decision..a decision that also being influenced by those friends around me..ermm, do you guys ever had anything done that is being influenced by others?. and note that, what im doing now is totally under some people advices. at this moment, im out of idea and also out of my mind- doing something that i never thought of. im getting his ym id,tonight!..with lots of 'azam' and lots of courage,im seeking for the person who had his..with a help from a friend, i manage to..she get it from some1 that i dont really know who. and she also warning me not to ever know who is 'that person'. dont really know the reason,and dont really bother as well; didnt see any relevance why i should bother. then, the response i get..d'oh..he did approve it but, the surrounding, im telling you i can feel his response towards me. im expecting that he'll buzz me and ask who's this one that adding his ym. but guys, nothing is actually happen that night. so that night, nothing happens and me, in the mode of really-want-to-buzz-him. sometimes i wonder, why i have this egois feel hardly strong in my heart, which make my lil' fingers stop dancing on the key when his name appear in my ym list. buzz him or not..this words keep repeating in my head and at last i sleep with him in mind.....
~to be continued~
ps: this is not a true story..harap maklum~
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nk sgt2~~~

that day..remember i said we're hanging out at klcc..and i mention about aya bought this game thing..i found a game that i deadly want for years..mastermind..NAK SANGAT2!..but that time didnt have enough cash..until now, i still had that thing in my mind..i hope in mean time, i can get that mastermind..really really really hope~~~~
note: if i get it as a present..ill hug that person who gave it..ngeh2<---tipoo ja*wink*
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