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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

my very best day[18/02]

heloo people around..^^

phewww..been a while x update kan..sowiee..been soooo busy la this weekend..ngeee..busy la sangat..busy bercuti actually..huahua~
this entry is about last best day..hehe..xsempat nak update sini because my birthday is on thursday,we went for port dickson is on friday..balik2 dari times,sangat penat n mengantuk..tu yang sampai bilik,online kejap n facebooking then terus kong atas katil..barang2 pun xkemas lagi..
ok..skg nak cite what happen during my best day..XD

1st..taken place at times square..
sambut birthday sorang2 kat secret recipe with moist cake yang sangat la xmoist..>.<
sedih sedikit di sini,huhu..
[sebenarnya time nih tunggu dila,konon2 mau date berdua tgk percy jackson and the lighting thief..tapi xjadi..hehe]

cake and card at oldtown white coffee..
bowling then had sandwich at subway..jalan2 before balik..
got a big teddy from abang long..sangat suka..:D..thanx abg long!!
cake n card are so sweet,terkejut n sangat2 xsangka actually
my seniors and she are the best!
the others..thanx for celebrating..cayang korang!wont forget that..

gamba di bawah adalah 'she' yang bertanggungjawab making my day a wonderful day..:D
thanx alot for what you had done..and forever i wont forget this..
thanx also for being such a great there and makes me happy
i am sooo sorry if any there that i did is hurting you
as that i cant be a good friend to any1, but still i love you even we are not a very best friend..

next day..
off to port dickson and melaka..
stop at tanjung tuan before back to ukm..
got surprise by a big teddy..(>^_^)v

to you..thanx for everything,the surprise..kat pd lagi.bak kata shaza,lin's birthday salu jer special..haha
i guess it's true and it is sangat2 memoriable to me..
again,i'm sorry if anything i've did or said hurt any of you..
we're giving and taking right,so it should be equal..ngeee~
thanx besties!!
cayang anda semua and may this friendship is last forever and blessed..^^v

and also to those who had wishing..kat fb,text, blog..thanx juga..even it's just wishes,still makes me happy..cayang korg juga!!^.^
nota bersepah:
..i thought last year birthday is the most wonderful but actually this year it is most-deadly-crazyly wonderful than last year..weeee~~
..terasa bertuah di kala ini walaupun adakalanya rasa cam 'pedulikan mereka2'..huhu~~
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biELa said...

hepi belated birhtday...yang mana satu muka lebam kau dalam gayutan? hahahhaa

enyheartsdiamond said...

happy belated birthday syggg :)

~iceq~ said...

thanx babe!..haha..xde masa weis nk gayut..gpun aku xtau spe yg upax spe yg aku xda call spe2 pn..huahua~~

thanx sayang!!..:D

NICK IRFAN said...

besday awk ker masa ni? hppy belated besday!! sedap kek tu.. lapo plak tgk... hehhehe

Balqis Riza said...

dh wish takpe la wish lg..
happy belated :)

~iceq~ said...

a'a..khamis aritu..hehe..
thanx!..kek sedap..ngee~~

haha..xpe2..thnx lagi skali..heee~~

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