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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Friday, February 5, 2010

function of "DELETE" button

-greeting to people who breath under the sunlight/moonlight-
arini sedang merangka sesuatu yang secret..secret?..consider as secret la,walaupun tergedik nak post sini juga..huhu

1st step..bersihkan key2 di atas lappy,buang debu,habuk,germ2 yang mungkin ada..bersih dah?..

2nd down,make sure dalam hati ada keyakinan yang tinggi..

3rd START, MY COMPUTER, open external hard disc PHOTO, ..folder PHOTO 09'..right-click subfolder 'anak org itu', left-click DELETE FOLDER..

4th step..sila on YM,focus on a name..right-click lagi,then left-click DELETE ID..
oh,jangan lupa sila permanent invi pada nama itu ok..

5th step..sila sign in MYSPACE yang dah berhabuk on FRIENDS, DELETE FRIEND, tick on an ID,DELETE SELECTED FRIEND..

6th step..sila log in on FRIEND,focus on an ID,click x button on right..

7th step..FACEBOOK lagi..go to PHOTO, REMOVE all TAGGED PHOTO on the same ID

8th step..take your lovely HANDPHONE CONTACT, search a NAME, DELETE CONTACT..
9th step..take a deep breath and relax..

10th strong..when you want to 'ctrl'-'alt'-'del' some1 in your life..

tarikh: 050210..jam:1500

nota buat org berkenaan:
#im sorry when i cant be your friend..please give me a favor,dont contact me in the future..n im sorry im not strong enough to tell you the truth,the everything i should let you know..
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zac zirwan said...

kt comp mmg bley dlete..kt hati..bley ke? =P

~iceq~ said...

soal hati mmg susah nk in time,it shud be ok..=)

Anonymous said...


~iceq~ said...


Eyena Aina said...

piluk na lynne?
wuu.mbak lek k.

kertasgraf said...

its not 'ctrl','alt','delete' la dear..
its 'shift','delete'


~iceq~ said...

piluk gilak2 aie..T_T
trying to cool down dah nktk..
thnx babe~

shift delete??..xnah dgr pn..salu pakai ctrl alt delete..uhhuhu~

nas aliff said...

payah tuh nk wat..
selamat berjaye!

~iceq~ said...

i'll try my best..thnx buddy..huhu~~

Balqis Riza said...

is it easy to terminate sumone u love?
u cant lie to urself dear..
but if u are hurt, or if u hurt that person, than that maybe the best thing to do..

as they say, sumtimes u have to let go..

just believe, someday, all this pain will be worth it..

~iceq~ said...

seriously it's not easy at all..='(
but this love i had is hurting me deeper and deeper..
so,im just letting dlm cite sepi kata,love means letting go..
*br tau ad ayat camni..huhu~

eita said...

cian nye ko lin...

~iceq~ said...


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