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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Monday, February 8, 2010

..bila otak kurang berfungsi..

i'm sorry for everything in the world

I’m sorry.. when I can’t be a friend
I’m sorry.. when my answer is ‘yes’
I’m sorry.. when everything seems wrong
I’m sorry.. when my courage is playing hide-n-seek
I’m sorry.. as the truth is hidden
I’m sorry.. as you’re the only one
I’m sorry.. as I’ve fallen into you, deeply
I’m sorry.. as your picture is in my drawer
I’m sorry.. it’s your name I sang
I’m sorry.. it’s you I thought
I’m sorry.. it’s you that matter
I’m sorry.. it’s you I’m waiting
I’m sorry.. it’s you whose forever in my diary
I’m sorry.. it took me a year
I’m sorry.. I’m happy with the love given
I’m sorry.. I love all the flying kisses
I’m sorry.. I cry every night
I’m sorry.. I say stupid things
I’m sorry.. I have to pretend
And I’m sorry.. I regret everything that happened between us..
“Knowing you is the sweetest thing happen to me
But the sweet thing sometimes can turn to bitter
As it hurts me badly when I can’t make you mine

nota bersepah:
...masih tiada mood di kala ini..paper organic structure determination br je selesai jam 10pm td...sejujurnya,rasa nk golek2 atas meja exam..aishh~
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enyheartsdiamond said...

wat can i say..huhuhu..
are u hurting baby?

be strong ok :D

~iceq~ said...

im hurting inside,painfully n mentally..huhu~~
thnx dear..^^

Balqis Riza said...

thats sad..
what happen?
papepon stay strong k~

biELa said...

it's you who i'll give my heart to


~iceq~ said...

tersgt la pjg cite die..huhu..
thnx babe..

hehe..but now i think,he's not the best for me to give my heart to..huhu~

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