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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

[picnic day]

hello and haii...
todays report..ermm..nk story pasal apa ekk??..
hehe..see the title post??..please predict it right!..
haha..kemerapuan lg..lala~

like what i've mention in my last previous entry, im leaving for a picnic today at sg gabai
and..not really bad, the feel is fresh and cold..
can feel the negative ions flow inside me..(cerita tipoo)

becoz of some technical problem..i dont swim or mandi whatever..
so,i am the photo-taking girl for today..
watching my dear friends playing under the water fall also not bad..
in fact, it's really cold that i dont sure i wanna get in or not
(xtahan sejuk arr)

we bring some food..i cook porrige and make egg sandwiches..while intan make sardin sandwich
dila, she bring bihun from home and jeruk..
we eat then before and after swim..but the food..emmm..xleh habis..agaga

last night, i cant sleep..all my 15 imaging assignments disappear..
(lupa nk backup mse format..huhu)
so, i 'mengabadikan diri' to settle up all the asssignments except cant finish up 3 of them..
i dont have the right photo..
and 1 of my assignmnet..som1 from fs group help me up
credit to mr. kertasgraf..hehe
thnx so much..
oppss..slh msk cite plak dlm nie..ayooo...

mari balik ke topik asal..
we go back to plaza rah arounh 12..
so..sampai2 terbongkang atas katil terus..
so sleepy,i got headache on the way to sg gabai and got headache again on the way back from there
(masalah btol kn..adehhh)
maybe because dont get enough sleep.
(mne x..sumbat 2 mug coffee..alala~~

some pict we snap..

makanan ktorg..

mse awal2 smpai..tgh mam senanyer nie..

air yg jatuh..

before turun mandi..

stand kt tepi jer la..x join mandi..huhu..

so..siap dh laporan hari nie..anda berpuas hati?
xpuas hati, sila simpan dalam hati k..
simpan sampai busuk pn xpe..

nota bersepah: more pict..ermm..msk facebook kot..sile la check...
fakta: arini x rindu die..1 peningkatan kn..hehe..
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BaLQisRiZa said...

gmba terakhir cute..=)

~iceq~ said...


aya harith said...
baju tu cm knal la..

sape nk taw..
baju tu kan lin beli kat....


CIK para said...

yaya..u r so cute

~iceq~ said...

ep! aya diam2..=P..ini rahsia kte berdua..agaga~~

fara..hehe..(mampu tersengih jer..)

biELa said...

last picture

cantik baju
nak pinjam!!!!

kirin said...

cantik air tejun tu..=p

~iceq~ said...

biela..haha..bole2,pnjam ngn charge skali..sejam rm10 tau..=P

kirin..not bad la..sejuk dow~~~

hey there syaira said...

baju kau chantek..cute kau..hehe..

~iceq~ said...


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