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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's 3rd sunday of june!!!

*im clueless to start this post*

how i wish,
time can turn by
back to years ago
the days i can see you every morning
and the days you come back home
but when it comes to the last day
so hurt,
that i forever want it as a dream
the day that god love you more
more that we did
they ask we once, where are you
i am speechless
lost in the answer i have to tell
i can only smile
and talk over him like he's here
but the truth,he's forever left
can you see me down here
from the heaven above
how i miss you
and how i ever wish
you're here
sharing the precious moment together
years past
i still want it as a dream
a nightmare i wish to end soon
but forever i know
it will never end
so i am wishing you here
as i never wish you before
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY...and we love you forever..
special thought of sadeline vateria badar

nota bersepah: wish all fathers in the world..happy father's day..^_^
fakta: my special father's day wish is dedicated to Mr. Badar anak Punpun@Michealas
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Dee said...

happy father's day gak utk ayh ko iceq...

++harisu-sama++ said...

iceq, ktk greet depan2 x? hehe.

~iceq~ said...

dee..hepi father's day tok ayah ko gak..^_^


CIK para said...

hapy t00

ariz azali said...

ma, ingat kat papa tak?
lost contact ngan papa sekang.
mama ada contact dia ker?

~iceq~ said...

happy too 4 u para..^_^

ariz..lme gak la x cntct die..aritu tme cti msg kjap jer ngn kot~~

~iceq~ said...

haris..phm dh ko ckp ape..huhu
i never greet my parent anything dpn2 lol..huhu~~

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