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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Friday, June 12, 2009

mode of today


mode of today...
mode or mood actually??
hehe..whatever la..just wanna share my mode-mood-feeling at this moment

my lappy went back from icu this morning and i'm relived but 1 problem, cant open my YM..
(wat mse nie bia jer dlu..2 kali install still dh nk lyn..huhu)

it's friday right?..should have class but cancelled,=D..Dr. KO has a meeting to attend..
(gembira la jgak..lalala~~)

ya,i'm happy with no-class issue as i didnt settle up some my imaging ang IT assignment..adehh..
so this weekend will be the busy days..except tomorrow..hehe

tomorrow is saturday..kn2??..we plan a picnic, at Sg Gabai..i lyke~
(never hear this place..agaga..)

but only 5 of us this no transport to invite the others..we're only using kancil..
(part nie yg kurang best..=()

yesterday, we watched 'hannah montana the movie' at cute and sweet..even the 'pelakon tambahan' pn nmpk comey..alala~~
(after this wanna watch 'grab me to hell'..hihi)

and that's all for today..hihi..short bedtime story..harap2 tido nyenyak la mlm nie yer..

and i more important is my deary coursemate birthday..
so im wishing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may GOD ALWAYS BE WITH Roqaiyah bt Harithuddin aka Ayaharith
(hrp2 eja tu btol..agagaga)

fakta: aya is a coursemate,classmate and my lab partner for 1st year 2nd sem chem lab..a very-very-merly nice girl that i like to be friend with..sgt alim,pegangan agama yg kuat,ayu,ckp pn lembut,rational,sgt2 baik(tolong promotekn nie tau..alala~)..

nota bersepah: i'm crying again...

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BaLQisRiZa said...

kate happy why crying??

~iceq~ said...

happy tu siang hari sbb..lastly ad gak hari yg free after packed week of lect...

tp mlm tu ntah la..aku leh nangis ble trigt kt die n dgr lagu yg die bg..tmbh2 lak xde lappy tme tu,fikran aku asik kt die jer..atleast klo ad lappy,mind aku leka sket men tenet,wat assg..
(im crying tu senanyer yg mlm td nyer..skg ok dh,emotn dh stable)

biELa said...

happy birthday to her..

semoga selalu happy2 ya!!

aya harith said...

sape yg wish tu..
heheh..mekasih biela

tq lyne
cyg lyne...

~iceq~ said...

biela tu kwn fs..hehe

ur wlcme..syg aya jgak...kta kn lab partner..hihi~~

Dee said...

huh? npe ko nangis nie??
happy birthday gak aya harith... huhu..

~iceq~ said...

dee..nothing serious..^_^

biELa said...

untuk kamu,

slamat view

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