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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

would you,please?(episode 5)

Days of hear nothing from you is not an easy thing for me.
Lock myself in my room and think back of my feeling on you also not an easy thing.
I want to tell you something, can you please listen to me quietly?
I’m trying to forget everything about you.
Don’t know whether it’s a good decision or not.
As much as I think of it, the feeling deep inside becomes stronger.
It never fades, never turn away from me either.
I might never know your past, where you’re come from or how your lifestyle before.
But I’ll never take that as the reason to refuse you.
And now, I’m regretting, regret that I allow you to take away the key.
I’m wondering, where’s actually you hide the key.
I want my key back. Would you, please?..
~to be continued~
nota bersepah: kebuhsanan terlampau nie...
fakta:skg dh dok plaza here for next 2 weeks for shortsem..hehe..
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BalqisR♥za said...

aku rase cm sgt sayu la post ko..
aku pon, rasenye, jd cm ko gak..

~iceq~ said...

aku pn rse kte akn ad kisah yg sme..=(
*nada pasrah*
but..must move on gal..klo die xnk,it's not the end of world...

BalqisR♥za said...

but its sad..
hoping for sumthng unreachable..
n everyday i pray for it to go..
but im crushing deeper n deeper each day..

~iceq~ said...

same goes here..
cant let it go..n cant reach it either..
at last..hnya mampu mengeluh..

*rindu plak ngn die..

BaLQisRiZa said...

kawan2 aku pon suh bgtau~
but i donno which one is worse...
keeping ur love for sumone a secret, or, telleing them and risk being rejected..ahaks~

one more thing, am i really in love?? or im just addicted to the pain of loving sumone i cant have..
what a stupid stupid stupid, me..ahaks

nway, post aku tajuk 'me vs suara-suara dalam otak'..
for us, ok?? check it out ya

~iceq~ said...

okie..aku komen kt blog ko je la..huhu

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