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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Monday, May 25, 2009

:::my shopping story:::

Haii guys..^__^

Erm..just wanna hang out here for a while. Yesterday went shopping. Wanna guess what I bought yesterday?? Ngeh2, no need la..=P..yesterday is totally shopping for furniture. I think shopping furniture this time is not hard as shopping for shoes..hehe..

So, we went to Chan Furniture building. Setting my eyes at the 3rd floor, this place is quite huge for only its own selling. The saleman told us their monthly fee is more than 10k. gosh, expensive isn’t it.
After a short eyeing and surveying in the 3rd floor, I decide on this I small 3 door drawer.

Simple but nice to see.

On top of it, I want to put my matric class photo and some other frame as well. Then, sumbat those things that don’t have place to live on this entire life.(hyperbola sket..keh2)
Shortly after that, we went to Wisma Satok. This time wanna shopping watch. It’s been a year I don’t have watch and im deciding to have 1.^__^.

I like the pattern, segi 8. What it’s name hoh?.octahedral?(im bad in geometry..ahak)..1st time see it, im being tackled..hehe

And not forgetting 1 thing, yesterday after 10years didn’t go to Sugarbun, we had our lunch there.
The famous thing about Sugarbun 10 years ago was their rice. If we compare Sugarbun with KFC or McD, only Sugarbun have rice as one of their main meal. KFC only have their chicken rice recently but Sugarbun, the had it since they root their door here. And one more thing, KL (if im not mistaken, the whole Peninsular maybe) don’t have Sugarbun. Lalala~~

nasi sugarbun

Ok, that’s all for today. Shopping story, and the story of my new room member..

nota bersepah: i miss him

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muhdzahari said...

lebih kurang colonel rice kfc ja..

err..tetiba terliur lak tengah2 malam neh..

gurlzz didie said...


rasa dia ada macam KFC x??huhu..

hm..cantik perabot tu..

warna hitam/gelap mmg cantik..nmpk mewah..

tp hati2 ye, kalu sminggu xlap, mmg nmpk la kesan2 habuk tu..


~iceq~ said... comment p klo ad cam sme..die ikt sugarbun la kot..sbb dlu kfc mne de rice..huhu

klo cmpare rse lak..ermm..kfc lg sedap..dlu ayam sugarbun xsedap,keras..p aritu rse cam ok
dh la, bole la thn sedap..ngeh2..

didie..a'a kn..xterpk lak psal bnde tu mse bli..huu..dhla kt cni xde org nk tlg kemas blek klo aku xde..adehh..=_=

biELa said...

best2..ayam dia best x?

itu marry brown ke?

tergoda aku yg berpuasa ini..



~iceq~ said...

biela..xla..tu sugarbun..lbey kurang spesies kfc ngn mb gak..hehe..bole la thn sedap..^__^

hey there syaira said...

makanan..? waa..sgt best..huhuhu

++harisu-sama++ said...

sugarbun kat sawak je kan? rase cam jumpe kat sane jek,huhuhu..well,lom penah makan ctu :p

~iceq~ said...

haha..syaira ske jer ekk klo mknan..

haris..guess so..swak jer ad rsenyer...

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