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..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Friday, May 29, 2009


My 3rd semester lectures that will start on 1/6/2009 will cover two papers: (1) Teknologi maklumat & elektronik and (2). Forensik Imejan. Below are the sequence of lectures that I will conduct:

Forensik Imejan
Introduction -Lecture
Collecting data -Assignment
Knowing just enough about digital images -Hands-on
Workspaces -Hands-on
Getting images in and out -Hands-on
Photo enhancment: shadow and highlights -Hands-on
Natural color -Hands-on
Fine tuning error -Hands-on
Common problems in touch-up -Hands-on
Combining images -Hands-on
Filters -Hands-on

Teknologi maklumat & elektronik
Forensic IT: Introduction -Main notes
PC & hardware -Main notes
Operating system directory structure -Main notes
File directory and structure -Main notes
What about file name? -Main notes
Help …. my files have been deleted! -Main notes
Forensic IT assignment 1 -Assignment
How does a network function? -Main notes
How does computers communicate? -Main notes
Network hacking - port and ping! -main notes
Internet and data movement -Main notes
Hacking - eyes from the inside -Main notes
Monitoring your in and out… -Main notes
Wireshark packet analysis: Killing time -Assignment
Wireshark live tutorial -Tutorial
Assignment: Who is calling home? -Assignment (additional marks)
Email -Main notes
Encryption - Pretty good password -Main notes
The hidden message of Steganography -Main notes

Cracking an encrypted zip file -Main notes
Hard disk … RIP -Main notes
Brute force attack -Main notes
Forensic IT: Assignment 2 - session 2008/09 -Tutorial
orensic IT assignment 2 -Assignment
Forensic IT assignment 3-Assignment
Forensic IT assignment 4 -Assignment
Mount an image file -Main notes
Anatomy of a hack: A study -Additional notes
Digital evidence: Book -Reference book
Book: X-ways forensic -Reference book

To ensure a smooth lecture, students are required to have
A laptop with wifi facilities.
Able to access internet.
A camera or a handphone camera with a minimum 1 MP configuration.
Ability to transfer data from handphone to laptop.
Legal copy of WindowsXP.

When do you start?
Lecture will be conducted every weekday for the next 14 days (2 weeks). All lectures will start at 1000 to 1200 and again at 1430 to 1630pm. There will be no lectures for these two dates: (1). 2/6 and (2). 4/6. Venue for lectures is BSC1. Please bring your laptop for every session except for the first session (1/6).
See you soon!

nota bersepah: nie copy n paste dari blog Dr KO..hehe..winXP??..oh my gosh~
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ariz azali said...

good luck la untuk menepuh sem baru ni.
tapi kan lin, boleh tak tukar backgroun, seba tak nampak sangat la
nak baca.
kena highlight dulu bru boleh
tak pun lin bold kan tulisan tu

~iceq~ said...


*sengaje arr nk bg ssh bce..wahaha*

nnt la lin boldkn ek..XD
thnx for dat comment..=D

jue eita said...

cik iceq..
ssh aku nk bc blog ko..
ku dh la rbun..
makin tak nmpk dbuat nye..
ape2 pn..
slmt kmbali ke U..

biELa said...

oh iceq

kali ini post ko yg ini aku x bace
sbb x nmpk pape..
nk hi-lite-kan aku mls

jgn mara

~iceq~ said...

lorr yeker..hehe
okie2..sat g aku tuka..
sori for tecncal error..

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