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Friday, May 22, 2009

i'm listening to...(episode 4)

Listening to those songs when I miss you, then crying silently when I cant takes it up.’ Listen to it if you cant sleep’ and that’s what I’m doing now. But, it never help me to sleep like what you used to say. Now, it’s 1.49 am, May 14 and my mind is full of you Cant get rid of it, cant even tell you how I miss you a lots. How badly I wish I can see your name appear in my screen and how happy I am when I see it. You’re exactly like a bird in the sky, come, and then go whenever the wind told you without knowing how would I feel or how would I react. I want to follow but my feet stop me. Did I have the right to go, fly with you in the open bright sky?

When I listen to the song you gave me, I ask myself; what should I do? Others told me to confess, and when I’m trying to, you don’t want to listen. Again, will you tell me what I should do? My mind says, it’s better as friends but my heart wants it more. Which 1 should I listen to, my mind or my heart? Or, is this the price I have to pay for falling in love with you?

nota bersepah: bila bc blek, mcm poem pn ad..huhu
fakta: lagu tu at 1st dgr ad la jgak wat layu mata..p ble dh lme2 imun plak, gt no effect dh..huhu
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biELa said...

lagu ape ek iceq??
dah imun..ayat xleh bla.

~iceq~ said...

Lagu kosmate aku bg..lagu 2 kwn die wat n die lak men gtar..tbe2 dpt idea nk mskkn kisah mse dpt lagu 2.hehe..seyes tau,dlu dgr tros ngntk.gpn dlu die bg lagu 2 sbb aku xleh tdo.ngeh2..

ariz azali said...


gurlzz didie said...

nak dgr lagu tu gak leh x..


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