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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Monday, August 8, 2011

lonely ranger: again and again?!

I was at the basement carpark of Bangunan Yayasan Selangor (BYS), looking for UKM reserved carpark lot, but none of them are empty! Hey, should I circulate the B1 level hundred times just to park BGP? SHOT! I saw one, but guess? There’s a cone on the lot. I saw PES as well. Rasa macam nak letak BGP depan PES je. The 3rd time I drive around, I wonder, ‘ada masalah ke parking nie sampai letak cone?’. Checked on it and it was fine, no leakage, no big hole under. Soooo, I removed aside the cone, and put BGP there. Tadaaa, dapat pun parking *senyum lebar*
Another obstacle please. This was my second time being here. My first time driving alone here. My first time as well seeking for carpark lot ALONE. Year of 2011 is definitely a year of my ‘alone’ experience. Ok, back to carpark. Oh, it was not the carpark. It was the emergency door!. I was trying hard to memerize which level and which area I am leaving the car that I just open up the exit door with ‘KELUAR’ big green sign on top of it. Climb the stair, climb, climb and climb. Where the heck I am now?! I had been passing 3 doors in means 3 floors and not even one of them were unlock. Wrong stair. Wrong exit. That’s it. Ok, patah balik. Dead! It was one pass something o’clock, I were late!! I was supposed to head to Kuantan by one pm.

Only after that I finally found the right exit. Akhirnya, ke arah jalan yang benar. Pffft! Thanks God I remembered which floor button should I press in the lift, and change for another lift to heading for 6th floor of Sains Forensik office.

Hoping to meet the others at the office so that I wont be out of clue who should I passed the report to. Nobody was here. Shot! Luckily I met my thesis supervisor. Dr Linda asked, ‘cari syahirah dengan intan ke? Dorang dah balik’. Oh, right. Tengahari dah, semalam syira msg kata pukul 10 gerak g BYS. The wont spending the whole noon here. *sigh* So, I met En Zahar, passed the report to him. I never tell you what the report is, isn’t? Hoh. We finish this Latihan Industri last Friday (it was monday when this happened). 2 months LI. OMG, rindunya zaman praktikal. Gosh, back to the track. Finished the LI means, we have to send a report, together with the log book to the Penyelaras Latihan Industri. Memandangkan selepas tamat LI, we’re going home and home got no printer, we decide ‘jom siapkan report awal awal, print kat sini so nanti tinggal hantar g kl je’. I don’t remember whose idea was that. Wednesday was the last day gaining the knowledge, Jumaat  was the last day of everything, Thursday was perfect to start writing the report!. *senyum lebar lagi* Friday, july 22nd, printing, editing, adding what was left behind. Compiled the report was so relieving! And everybody was asking what we're doing. Sebab ktorg buat kerja kat ruangan menunggu yang ada sofa and tv.

Back to the office. Met Dr Linda again at the counter after I passed up the report. ‘Dr, errr nak buku thesis’, raised my eyebrow to her and giggled. Ha ha. She promised to give me some documents I must have for my thesis, explained some certain things for thesis proposal, gave my senior’s thesis book for reference and said ‘ini je copy yang saya ada. JAGA ELOK2’. That was scary. Ha ha.

After paying the carpark fee of RM2.50, called Min to ask for how should I find the highway from here. And once again, thanks goodness I didn’t lost looking for my Miss BGP.

Started the engine, looked at the back seat. Lots of stuffs. Lots of teddy. Seat next to driver, same as well, full with pillow and guitar. I must had been collecting the whole world harta karun for the past 3 years in UKM. HOH.

seat next to driver, on top; 6 nescafe 3 in 1 canned and 100+

back seat. sorry, beryl tunjuk bontot pula kat korg.

Jom memulakan perjalanan ke… KUANTAN !!!!


 *next entry will be about the driving of KL-KUANTAN and my last week of praktikal!

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☻UsaGi NaNa☻ said...

perhh!what a hard day..huhuhU~

►içéq◄ said...

it was... huhu~

cambesje said...

ptt la nmpk min g balik kat tmpat kete ari tu hehe

►içéq◄ said...

syira: eh, nampak ke? igtkn korg dah balik..

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