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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

your girlfriend scares me, and i'm serious about it.

i was sitting in front of my laptop, as usual with fb. some people, they get addicted with this fb. mine not excluded. ha ha. damn, fb is killing me. so, fb. i was looking at the homepage with no idea what to do. fb is getting bored and bored by days. i know both of us know why and i am not saying anything here. shuuuu. senyap tau. saw my friend's status. it's a she, and she said something about a girlfriend. well, you know when it comes to a GIRLFRIEND, it can be for good or for bad. so, i gave her a comment. a negative kind of comment. then, i went to another friend page, a guy. both of them were actually dating when we're at school but now, they are not. again, i am not so tell anything about that because that is not the issue here. i wallpost'ed to my male friend and we talked about eid. i wished him Selamat Hari Raya and so on. my last comment, i told him i just knew he already had a new girlfriend. remember the girlfriend in earlier status i mentioned? you're right, thats her. which is actually i was kinda suprises because it shows that i never take note of what happen to my friend especially my schoolmate. 

the next day, his girlfriend 'like'ed my last comment. i'm kinda shocked. and you know what that supposed to mean when someone stranger 'like' your comment on your wallpost on someone page. like your favourite girl there! so, i directly click my she-friend fb in the search bar and wallpost 'that gf is psycho! like komen kamek'. see, my simple wallpost seems had knocking someone head. all of sudden, that girlfriend of my friend commented on my previous wallpost at my male friend page saying to her bf to tell the person up there which is ME kalau nak kutuk jangan cakap berlapis2 and jangan main sindir. hell? yeay. she stalked on my female friend and saw my wallpost. ouch! i never even mentioned her name their. OMG, she scared me to death *sarcastic*
[photo is removed]

maybe she likes others to critize her face to face. sorry girl, i never have the intention to do so since i never knew who you are. my male friend send me a msg asking me nicely to remove any wallpost i made which i said his girlfriend is such a psycho. and for friendship sake, i did. you are lucky because your boyfriend is a nice friend ! 

in the last msg, i told him 'tell your gf to stop stalking'. she's hurting herself without she notice of it. she is 5years younger than us, but she talk like she's 5years older. hey girl, grow up la. being such a psycho grilfriend yang jealous tak tentu arah wont put you anywhere. you not even see the whole wide world yet. not even meeting thousand of people out there. i know you stalk your bf's ex girlfriend. probably you did that 24/7, if not you wont read my wallpost in just a few minutes i post it. and removing your bf from his ex's page but you yourself are still befriend with her also not gonna help anything. you're acting so childish. wake up la young lady!

"who are you to confront me? just a lil young lady whose not even know how the world had spinning around."

my status update in my fb. i hope you read it if you stalk my page using your boyfriend fb. happy reading girl! 

*post nie bukan semata mata untuk orang yang berkenaan, tapi untuk korg the ladies out there and also to me. jealous adalah satu element yang sentiasa ada terutama perempuan. tapi pandai pandai la control. takkan kau nak rosakkan satu hubungan hanya disebabkan cemburu buta kau tu!
*teruja lak rasa bila ada instict ada org nak stalk page kita! aku kan tak ada orang nak stalk. agagagagaga.. *sarcastic Mr Crab laugh*
*i wonder if she'll read this. hoh. i shouldnt care. she's not the one whose gonna give me 4flat result. pfffft!

.. terkesima aku dengan gf nie.. xpasal2 aku kena psycho.. yerp! thats the point, aku kena psycho!

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