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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's been a while, right...

heyy..3 months i didnt get here isnt..haha..busy life is attacking again..*sigh*

ermm..right now,im really ok. ohh it's exam week im telling u. my course is still attending lecture while the others are having 'cuti' if they're not having exam..(it's unfair!!!)
but..what else can we do..bangi campus got no break for midsem exam bcoz they're having it at night or weekend..aihh.. event..ermmm,same as yesterday,last week,last month and even same as last semester..d'oh..we're having lecture here at kl n also at bangi. means that we're leaving early morning from kl to bangi then went back to kl early tired,really really tired..all i can do is sleep and listen to music in the bus with almost 1 hour jam..have something to read is impossible,i cant read in a moving thing..ayoo

ok,lets talk something else..ermm,last month we had this thing they called it 'fiesta citra budaya' function. guess what??..i became one of the gimmick dancer representing the Borneo. there were 4 of us,means the other is representing the Malay,Chinese and Indian.

after that,i danced for Borneo part..this time it was not only me but with the other borneo dancers also. seriously, that was the best thing that happened in this sem. i started to know the other Borneo students(note:Borneo refer to Sabah n Sarawak). it been 3 years i didnt involve in traditional dance, thanks god i still remember at least 50 % how to dance..kah2..

but,the most important thing that happened was i met someone new. i can say that he's quite different from any other guys that i met. it's something with his appearance. some of my friends said he's a lil' bit girly style but some said he's not. so, which one is right??, i dont really know him well. i like him since the moment he smile and said hi..gosh~its sound easy for me to fall in love,dont u think so??..

i wish i have the courage to talk to him but since fcb i met him cafe and he was having this discussion i dont know what..omg, i thought i never met him again..huahua..

ok,emmm..i guess i stop here..hope can meet again in a short of case the server is merajuk again, who knows..kui2..

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