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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Friday, February 20, 2009

just wanna talk nonsense~~

haluu...lets talk nonsense things today in happy mode now..not because the physioanat exam is over but something else is the reason
this noon at cafe i met him, some1 that i admire of..goshh, seriously im quite excited..haha
salma texted me saying that mr.f (bkn nama sebenar) is at cafe. in rush, i put on my baju kurung and went down stair directly to the cafe..crazy isnt,haha..once i stepped into the cafe,i saw him and he smiled at me..omg, im in my kontrol-ayu mode now and just gave him a thin smile..huahua..then i thought i wanna have lunch (it like killing 2 birds with 1 stone..hehe..) but then i felt im not really hungry, i ate some crackers just i just had my iced tea and salma have her lunch..drink tea and took a look at him..i did same thing again and again..seems ill never meet him again after this and there it comes when someone tell me that actually mr.f is staying at K1..OMG..heyy how come i never notice him being here, at K1 at the cafe before..

fyi, some people ask me..what is the thing that you see in him(mr.f)??..everyone gets surprise when i show them the one that i admired. mr.f is not a handsome guy(in mpov) but he have this sweet smile which i love to see. i dont mind him not a handsome and tough guy but the feel is just come. once he smiled at me during the PAP night,i started to like him. i think that is the reason why i dont want to put any line of what kind of guy i want to be as my bf/husband.

hehe..ok, lets stop quite sleepy and headache now..playing basketball at night is a cool idea..nice idea to put me in sleep or get to study(got enough oxygen but a lil' bit tired)..heyy,give it a try later guys..^_^
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BaLQis said... sweet..haha..
at lis u hv a

gurlzz didie said...


rasa macam nak tgok je senyuman manis dia tu..

boleh x??..**ehehe..dah taw,mmg xbole**^_^

bal,aku pon rasa its so sweet!!

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