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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#life with no change#

everytime it comes to the end of the year, everyone will talk about new 'azam' and other new things. new sem also is included but the problem is, did i have one???..oh'ho..i dont really know if i need new 'azam' or not,but i do really hope if i can be a better person than yesterday..and with this new sem, i wanna be a more hardworking forensic girl(must read more and wake up early!!). it's 2 months already and wanna know what..i dont think i have come to any positive change than before..ayooo, would you help me to figure it out why???..wuuuwuuu..that's why never want to call it as 'azam'..wink*

right now, im strunggling for midsem exam-tomorrow is genetic paper,the next day is physionantomy paper..and im not finish reading the genetic yet!!..gosh..

back to the life seems not changing since school era, but if i poke into deep inside i just realise me myself did change. the way i tread people around me and the way i express my feeling towards others. emm..recently, i joke people alots and make fun(not make fun of others..dont misunderstand that..huhu)..had become a person that have lots of things to share with. im no longer a solitude girl i used to. do you think that can be the positive changes of life??..i dont sure for that seriously. im starting to talk to some1 new what happen yesterday during lab. i talk to shaza's lab partner. it might sound lame but for me, i never do that before. sometimes wondering, is that the changes that very1 who is getting older will go through??.because im 20 now.. huahua

think back to the past, and compare it to the present. im having changes in my life. wanna have an experiment??..haha..lets make an hypotesis:what life change means??
now, lets have the case file..
1. i dont talk much at school, just talk necessary things to, i talk almost everything to everyone..tell them jokes and laughing
2. i dont care what others gossip, im listening to what controversion happens in class.
3. im a quite passive girl and solitude one..but now, didnt become one anymore. the 1 that i've maintained is being as ayu as i may and dont get messy infront of you..

so,how isn't? a lil' bit change right..all the 3 happen since matriculation years..i can say the surrounding give the effect. with new friends and new place, changes are possible. and the result, life did change and i didnt notice of it at all..

note for everyone: be at new place and meet new people if you want the best changes in you life
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