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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

je ne sais pas..

hey there...ermm im not sure of what im going to talk here tonight but there's something that tickle me..hehe..tonight, i meet him it fall in love or just a play around feeling??..err forget about that..haha..i see him with the girls for the 4KL fesyen show. i wish im one of them..oppss kidding,hihi..
this week actually is a very busy week, same as fcb week last month. but this time the program is Karnival 4KL(kebudayaan, kesihatan dan k*** kuala lumpur)-it's my 1st and last 4kl perhaps, huhu..and once again im busy with borneo dancing with both perasmian and penutup performance.aihh~im tired but that's the life, cant run from it even if i can..
cant wait for the 4kl to finish this sunday..cepatla masa!! weekend this week will be the busiest weekend i think. after performance, i have to monitor the booth for sukaneka then the next day, in the morning monitor the forensic's booth. at night, one more performance for closing ceremony. ayaaa..tired!!..psstt hope that i meet him again..haha..*im crossing my fingers now*hehe
right now, i have lots of meeting minutes i have to type, and also later post mortem and everything that secretary have to do. gosh, i wish i have the rajin-mood but now im seriously in lazy-mode to do other things..waaaa...
just now i have 3 things i had..1st dancing practise, 2nd closing ceremony reheasal and 3rd meeting sukaneka..i feel im vomiting tonight but luckily im not,huahua..after meeting, i come back to dsg for practise and i didnt realise him is behind me.glupp..can i stand beside him and talk to him anything???<--ayat gedik rekaan semata2 so tlg jgn caya~~=P

p/s: 'je ne sais pas' is my favourite french phase which means 'i dont know'. at this moment i dont know what im going to do and thanks god tomorrow morning class is cancel..*yeahh*
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