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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 february 2009 is 18 february..wondering why i choose this date??
it's my birthday and today im having genetic midsem paper this morning
guys, do you believe in luck on your birthday??..i always thought of that my birthday is just a normal days as the other, the difference is the day will be full of birthday wishes..and broad smile..haha..

yesterday, i thought 2009 birthday will be as before but im wrong. thanks to fellow coursemate for that. they have a surprise party for me and omg, there's a cake with candle and present..they took the video as suspecting something when izni came to my room and said that lina need me to accompany her to the cafe..heyy, cafe at 1215 am??..fine, i just say ok ill go, maybe she need something from the cafe. once i open f409 door, i saw everyone were there. lina,syira,shaza,aya,shida,zu,salma,intan,fady,dila n izni..thanks guys..sayang korunk sgt2, i hope our friendship is last forever..

owhh,about the paper today is going smooth..because it's my birthday today or because that paper is as easy as kacang(wonderinf how's miss lam doing now??..haha teringat plak).hope that i can score well for this paper. it's not an easy subject im telling you.biology molecule and now we're studying genetic. something that sound familiar but need lots of reading..reading is my weakest part..wuuu..

whatever it is..lets have luck today and wish me for my midsem exam also..huahua

~the girls of forensic sc~
n me holding cake wearing shirt, a gift from amy a few minutes ago
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