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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When you let someone in, it can means anything.

There is always a first time in everything. Include letting someone new in. And all you're thinking, is just the best to happen.

I had someone who had come after a damage occured to my home. But then he left after he add in the damage. Well, thanks to you dear. And congrate as well for destroying. What you had done is a great magnificent art.

I guess above words are hard to be understood. Ignore. Thanks.

The moment you block someone entrance to your heart, you are actually avoiding additional damage. And that is what I was doing. And that is also a thing I had forgot to defend of.

Jerk is always a jerk. Gentleman is always a gentleman.

Don't blind yourself with fake love. Why bother mourning about someone who never recognize you anymore? He move on, get himself new girlfriend, but you? Crying all night. Well, used to be in that situation. And all I can recall, stupid me. Yes babe, holding on to someone who had removed your scent from their heart is definitely stupid and pathetic.

Define me as not believing in love? Sorta. I'm a bit losing to what is love actually. Define love as 'man to woman love' that we're talking about. We're not talking bout family yet. 

Someone right had said, it's not the love that fake, but the human themselves. Had put me into thinking. If you convert it into "Save the Earth" thingy, the concept is there. Human is responsible for all the damage on Earth.

And he's right, it's human that poison the love. Love should be pure. Because love come from God. Anything that come from God is good and beneficial. 

If only I had the gut to trust again.

Another page of letting someone in, you want some changes. And you are hoping this new person can give you happiness; change the sorrow to joy. I had her entering my life, the one I used to ignore the existence. Because I'm not good in maintaining a good relationship. But this lady, she's great. 

She had my trust and for God sake, I am not asking that our friendship last forever, I just let them flow. There are many times, countless perhaps that I always say in my prayer, "I wanna keep this friendship forever". In the end, I think you know what happen next.

She annoys me many times. But none of the annoying matter had drag my love. Because both us knew, why you want to sacrifice something worthy for something not even mean anything. Normal human gets annoy. We're not robot by the way. So until this day, this hour and this minute, I'll be just ok with her annoying behavior. I love you-know-who-you-are.

Lets stop babbling here. See you around !

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~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

i have no gut to trust again..yet..

►içéq◄ said...

one day u will trust again.. have faith..

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