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..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I wake up today with bright smile: Nothing actually happen

Wake up with a bright smile today. Seeing Silver (read: my cat) laying next to me is kinda a feel of relaxing. Adore her crazily ! Even she's sometimes a kind of "Mama, I wanna bite you hard !!" and me gonna be "Stay away from meeeeee !!!" type. Yes, my cat is the scariest creature you might known.

It's Sunday. Been weeks that I stayed inside when it was Sunday. But today, nah, got to go somewhere. My company arranging a bowling tournament. *wink* I'll be in my veteren colleague group. Haha. I was actually replacing my colleague, she can't make it as she afraid getting tired of yesterday family day.

I wasn't sure if I'll update you guys of this activity. Cut it off.

I had few nugget left in my fridge. Take it out, throw them directly inside the hot pan. A bite, taste weird. Hey, my nugget seems cooked at the outside but the inside? The cold of fridge is still there. The heck?

I should left it unfrozen 1st aite? LOL at me.

Everyday I wonder, what the best thing gonna happen today? Hurm, I just hope it's not a bad thingy, most important. If any good thing happen, credit to God. He's the best to plan our day isn't?

Had you ever heard a cat playing the guitar? Cause my Silver just did. Ok, not the playing song kind of playing, but she strum the string. In the other words, her play (read: stuff she play with) is on the strings. Just try to imagine it if you can't get the picture. Cause I'm not good in explaining.

I just admit my Silver is sometimes acting weird. Perhaps she forget she is not a human but a cat? She sleep with this human kind of pattern. Maybe it's just normal. But did other cats did that?

I can never deny, my cat is my entertainer. Fight with her, yelling at her, cuddling her. She keep me accompany. The best to happen to me at the moment. And I will be reminded, my life is not sucked. It just had its upside down. *smile*

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☻UsaGi NaNa☻ said...

api jgn beso sgt..pastuh make sure pan ko dh pns..hmm..ak masak oke aje..haila...

►içéq◄ said...

api tu aku dah letak paling kecik ok.. n kau pakai sudip besi kat pan aku, scracth !

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