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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Precious: Latte and The Renovated Cage

Last entry about Latte, I shown her cage photo right. Thinking back of how big her igloo was that makes the cage crowded, I decide to renovate her cage. Make another upstair level~!

I went to Daiso and bought 2 pieces of C&C wire, with different size. Thanks to Eita sebab bawa pergi Daiso Setia Alam Mall and shopping barang Latte. Wink!

Latte nak main sorok sorok, but ended up kena hempap dengan wire. Padan muka, lagi buat buat rajin kacau.

The 2 photos above were taken while I set up the cage and Latte was so busybody helping me. She must been wondered, "Ei, apa ni mama?" and wandered around. She never want to leave. Whenever I put her outside her cage, she became so noisy, with her alarm sound.  =.=


The new version of my babies' cage

In the end, it became like this. Tapi time ni, tak ada tangga lagi. Tengah cari inisiatif nak reka tangga macam mana. Sekarang tangga dah ada tapi tak ambil gambar pun lagi.

Jadi, dengan adanya aras kedua ni, igloo dan bekas makanan letak kat aras 2. Bola tidur Latte dan toilet letak bawah. Oh, by the way, Latte sejak ada Mocha, macam orang kung fu je lompat  aras 2. She was realllllllly excited bila ada Mocha. Sebelum ni kalau nak naik aras 2 sopan je pakai tangga. Sekarang, tangga tu pandang pun tak, Mocha je yang still turun naik pakai tangga.

Kat Daiso, beli toilet baru Latte juga. It was actually a food tray tapi convert jadi toilet. Sebab kalau nak beli yang toilet real jual kat petshop, it is tooooo big and will make the cage become more crowded.

Latte and her new so called toilet.

When I put the tray inside the cage, Latte was being so curious. But I think she liked it. She sat inside the whole time. But it was a troublesome to train her to poo inside that. Aihh~

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