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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Friday, August 3, 2012

My precious: Latte and Her Handsome Doctor.

Latte's eye drop for her allergic

First week with Latte, I realized something wrong with her eye, the right side. It's bengkak. I was so worried that I thought "Is it because I used camera flash on her?". If it is so, I would regret it deeeeeeeeeepest-ly~!

After almost 2 weeks only I can brought her to vet. All of us were busy with the final paper, and at the same time, my car had some problem so I couldn't go by myself. 

Latte's doctor was handsome!

Once the doctor called out her name, he said "What a nice name". I smiled till it reached my ears. Ha ha. Latte was a good girl that time, the doctor hold her firmly. Latte never behave such a good girl if I hold her :(

Latte must like it that her doctor was handsome.

I observed the doctor really really close, so I can hold Latte like him. But I guess I'm not good yet. 

Doctor said, Latte had allergic with the bedding, the dust had got into her eye. And he suggested me to change it. Most guinea pig had the same problem. My poor baby.

He gave Latte eye drops. One drop 3 times per day within 2 weeks. Well, I'm still far away being a good mama, and I don't even decipline myself to take medicine on time. So, I always forgot to give Latte her eye drops. Sorry dear baby :( But yet, she was really good to avoid me dropping her medicine. 

Her doctor gave me a list of vege a guinea pig can have. And gave some advice on handling guinea pig especially her diet. Then he weight her. She was 200g only. :D I was excited~! Wahhhhhh, my baby was 200g. :D

Me with my KFC, Latte with her tasty hay.

Since I cant go back straight away after submitting our thesis, me and Latte were left alone at the college. Kinda lonely when everyone gone back and you didn't have anyone to talk to. So, I had my dinner in front of my baby, talked with her once a while. I guess she was hungry seeing me eating by myself. Then, we're having our dinner together~!

After 2 weeks, Latte was definitely had her eye recovered. Her pretty eyes~! :D And I never have to struggle with her anymore just to drop the medicine. Phewww~

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Cikgu Vina said...

hai lynn...hehe..vina tok..seh ingat kah..hahahhaa

Cikgu Vina said...

kmk da follow ktk..hehehe

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