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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My precious: Latte and Her Ball.

Sleeping soundly

Around 1 week after Latte came, I bought this one medium size exercise ball. I thought, "Hurm, Latte must like playing with this". But, but, but, once I put her inside, she stayed still, didn't even make a single move. =.="

Then, I decided. Latte didn't want to play. Some time later, i figured out, guinea pig really don't play much.

No wonder. Pffft!

It would be a waste if I put the ball aside. So, I just put it inside her cage. Then, I saw her get herself into the ball and lay down. Wah~! I was kinda excited to see. Ha ha.

The next day, she started to fall asleep inside the ball. The first time I saw it was when we're doing our study group at the living room. I kept my eyes on her all night long, she's my precious afterall :D and that was when I saw her fall asleep so cutely!. The above photo, I took it on the spot, her first photo sleeping inside.

Few first days she started to sleep there, she still being aware us getting nearer. Only later than that, she started to ignore us-.- SHE'S CUTE~!! And I'm dead seeing her cute side~!!!

This was the time I took out the ball and her from the cage. I want her to have her floor time, but apparently she prefer to stay inside that =.=

Latte never want to leave her ball. 

Latte still being aware with any movement while she's asleep, so took the photo kinda far away.

When I was taking this photo, I really really need to be extra careful not to wake her up. Since guinea pig is the type of prey animal, their sense is really strong. 

I think this was the moment I realized when she sleep, she had the tendency to throw out her feet. And this is the starting she became ignorant toward us. She must had the thought, "Ah, lantak korg la nak tengok aku tidur. Aku mengantuk dah ni, ikut suka korg la nak buat apa dekat dekat dengan aku". 


Latte seriously seriously and seriously like her ball. I used to take out the ball just to clean it up, but she crazily walking around to look for her ball. When I put the ball in front her gate, she realized and quickly reaching out her hand to the ball. She missed her ball rather than me T.T

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