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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dear santa, can i get an engineer husband for christmas present?.

it will be perfect if the father of my future kid(s) is an engineer. *senyum lebar2* 

greeting and great day to those who deserve it.. ♥

as we know, *berlagak skema* engineers, they know well physic things, chemistry as well (kan?), know how the machines, any machines run (korang tau kan??). while me, i mean us the health science people, kinda know medical things, knows biology in a certain way, knows how drug circulate in body etc. 

i do wish my future kid(s) manage(s) to get into science things, entering pure sciences class (like my old time). studying physic, chemistry, biology, additional math like crazy. if they dont understand any of the subject, for instance physic, addmath, their father can be their tutor(!). for biology and chemistry part, i'll take over (i'll take the chem since im taking pure chem subjects). perfect right? im awful in physic subject when i was in my secondary school back before. in which i was thinking 'dapat B spm fizik aku nie'. but im not that bad ok, physic got A (A la juga walaupun A2 jek). in the university, it will be more than perfect if they're taking any courses relate to crime. lets not counting in the engineering, cause i dont know what courses their father are in now. had you watch this movie named '3 idiots'? naaaah. you should watch this! the principle (principle ke director?) is a father of 2 daughters and his 1st daughter is pregnant. and he says 'if this child is a boy, he'll be an engineer. if it's a she, she'll be a doctor!' (lebih kurang camnie la dialog dia). only if i can put my kid(s) in that way. but i wont la. i wont be that kind of cruel mommy. >.< i'll be like my mommy *senyum lebar* my mom, she let us choose our own way of life. i mean, what course we want and which institute we want to go. she let us to make all the desicions by ourselves. she never told us if she want us to be this or that nor telling us to futher study until which level. she used to say this as well 'kenapa la anak2 aku nie semua nak sambung belaja? aku tengok anak orang lain takda la macam ni' *tersengih* we enherit your father laaa. *gelak sikit*

back to our main topic..

make it easier. my future family is a mixture of engine and health science world. and to make it simpler, engine (physic, chemistry) and health (biology,medical) is a complete element in education. applying those 4 in life is a fun thing to do especially physic. if you're a physic student, you should know what it means by physic application right. all those machine, devices. for biology and medical term, it's cool when you know how's actually human body tolerate inside. and you'll be aware of which drug you'll take. chemistry, *terdiam* it helps you alots. i mean really alots. earth is all about chemistry (thats what my chem teachter told us before). to buy things or products, you should know the chemical inside it. even the foods, you need chemistry to know the ingredient they got in it. 

unless they dont want both, deciding to choose art or literature. i'll be silent in any ways. so all i can do is, teaching them the value of life. i'll make sure they do well in they life and studies, even i know nothing bout art or literature. pheww~

so, any engineer available?

*merapu lagi~
*tolong jangan ambik serious dengan isi2 dalam entry ini..memiliki semua element bukan penentu kukuhnya institusi kekeluargaan.
*jadi, apa yg sy cakap nie xda sokongan fakta atau kajian.. just for fun..
*maaf, minggu exam memang buat sy bercakap yang bukan2 dalam nie..
*and lagi, sy bukan nak promote budak lelaki engine.. i dont know either if i know any of them which is SINGLE..
*kenapa ntah rasa cam english aku sangat la bodoh.. it's been years i didnt write in eng.. *sigh*

..if i ever knew after meeting you will make me feel this this way, i shouldnt come and meet you up.. =(

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