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..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

someone you used to know

today wanna post a song..entitled -someone you used to know by zee avi-
actually,dont have any idea nak post pasal apa,so here's the chosen song..^_^

It was helpless anyway
There's nothing much we could do or say
Darling don't you think it's a shame?
that it had to end this way

So here's to say goodbye,
our love is lost, and we cant figure why
maybe it really is about time
that we finally made up our minds

So Darling, here's to you
i hope that when you find someone new
that she would always be true to you
to love and understand you

Soon you'll build new memories
then slowly you'd forget about me
then i would slowly be
a distant memory

Soon i'll just be
that someone you used to know
But darling you will thank me
for letting you go
time is not for wasting
i hope you'll find your intended
But i'm sorry
that your intended isn't me

it's not an easy thing
to shake off our history
i know that's what you want from me
but they will always stay with me

i admit i made mistakes
but darling with you it's just the same
if we stay there'll be more to make
dont know how much more we can take

Darling, it would be unfair
to stay with something no longer there
Its not that I no longer care
I'd feel like a burden you cannot bear.

when you left loved 1,this is how it turns to..letting go doesnt means the love is disappear,doesnt means you never care..but it because you left to give them the best they should get..

nota bersepah:
..SAYA RINDU!!!!!..*dush kepala ngan kerusi..huahua~
..sedang berkecil hati dengan seseorg..*sigh*
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biELa said...

babe..lagu ni untuk aku!!!

hahahaha thank you!

zac zirwan said...

nice song..

best r lagu ni..=)

~iceq~ said...

br sedar,this song suit u la..huhu
dedicated lagu nie tuk ko la ea..ngee~

nice kan..lyric die mantap..hehe..=D

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