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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 dipanah arrow..

i hold the key(arrow)
you hold the heart
if any guy out there
want to open up your heart
he must come to me 1st
and asks for the key
but i will only give him the key
if i'm in 100% sure
that he is the best for you
as i always want the best in you

..i am nobody lesbi partner as i am not one
but i love her so deeply same like i love him..

*di sini,sy ingin mengumumkan my last entry,i said i joined a contest kan.
contest nie,need votes to sy dengan muka yang kurang malu, meminta korg jengah la blog kak eynda and vote..
tiada paksaan k,kalau nk tgk je but dont want to vote pn xpe..xkisah sgt senanye klo xmenang..join it just for kalau vote for me, i appreciate it so damn much..atleast xde la prasan stylo pakai gamba tersebut..huhu..

nota bersepah:
..hati dalam pencilcase,arrow pada camera olympus..
..lately sangat busy,even the midsem is done already.. xreti pancing undi..huk2~~

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NOOR FATIN said...

cm ne nak vote iceq?

~iceq~ said...

ko g blog eynda tu[aku ad letak link yg kaler pink]..then click no28..tu jer..huhu~~

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