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Monday, November 24, 2008

sweetie home~~after fs gathering~

guess what??? home now!!!. haha it feels great when it comes to home you know..even im not doing anything sound fun or what,but it just that i cant believe it im home now!!after 5 months at kl(since u registration). haha,im mumbling again here,isnt it??..well,im happy to see my mum is fine and my sist is happy with her brother,the 3rd one la..i dont know what to say about him lalala...he's having his interview with the shell later,not remember when but i think in this week..lets pray for him k,hope that he pass the interview and have a great job later,amin~~..

ermmm...owhh right,i mention before that ill talk about my classmate again right..not today la hoh, still in my home-sweet-home mood so,lets talk about what is in my mind now..hehhe..

it's about last Saturday having this one gathering and what special about it is im meeting with strangers that i never meet before..we're just 'talking' to each other in the Internet-in the friendster-chatting in this 1989 group glad that this gathering finally comes up and end up la im the 'ketua project' and im hoping before that everything will turn to something great and there it is..everyone is so so sporting especially ariz(he's a uia pj student from kelantan) does ieta,she's so easy going person..fatin,she's a lil' bit 'pendiam' and i know the's ok la fatin but later,makes sure you open your mouth and talk more..ok??..who else??..ermm..owhh amad..he's my assistant..not official assistant actually..but it's great that it's him who help me a lot during managing the gathering..

so,the 1st one 1 met that day was ieta aka ice lemon seems that we have the chemistry when we saw each other for the 1st time..kinda weird la, likes she knew it was me and i knew it was her..the 2nd one came was fatin, we met in front of the kfc-our meeting place was the kfc in the kl central-only after that amad shown up and followed by ibnu,ariz with his friend,fadh aka cahaya kemulian and lastly zaffran-reason of late was 'tggu semut lintas jalan..ermm what a reason..

we're heading to mid valley after everyone came..i guess it's not a good timing since that 3 of us-me,fatin and amad were left too many people at ktm,we went directly to the food court at the lowest floor..time for lunch lorr..haha,im starving you know and so the others..actually,im planning us to play bowling or watch the movie..but..think it's not our luck..both place were full of people,it was Saturday after, our last plan-window shopping..not bad la window shopping with someone that we never met fun,seriously fun..we went to this pet wonderland(dont really its name but something with pets laa)..another than that were..ermm..owhh yaa we went to jusco..we spent most of our time there,looking at those stuff,clothes everything..haha,everyone was so funny..after that so-sweet-window-shopping,we had a small tea time at the food court on the highest floor(got the opposite place to feed ourselves,isnt it..huhu..)..after a lil' talk n about 1hour photo taking,we finally dismiss..and me,i took ktm to shaza's house with ieta went to sungai buloh-she parked her car there..i'm tired and my feet hurt(who ask me to wear that heel sandle..d'oh.)

well..thats all about what was going on before being at sweetie home..^_^..fuhh i take 2 days to finish this thing..haha,being lazy is just the real me..i guess ill spend more my time here,so dont get surprise to see so many post in one month..ok??..hihi
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~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

laen gle cre penulisan ko tym nie..haha

►içéq◄ said...

cahaya kemuliaan:
time awal2 blogging. rajin pakai eng. hahaha~

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