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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Friday, November 28, 2008

loneliness makes us think~~

haluuu..hehe,im all alone now at home..mum went to kebun it's my turn now for doing all home things..juz now finish my laundry and sweeping..=)..after this, i have to cook for lunch..ermmm..have any suggestion on meal??..ill think about that later la hoh..haha..

about 20 min later...

my sister come back from work(lunch time).. hehe..i just thought to fry this cute fishes in the frige when i see these 'kolok mee'..nyum, no cooking for today..hehe..and the 'ikan terubuk panggang' that we bought yesterday also not finish yet,just heat it back lets have lunch!!!..wanna lunch together??..masak sendiri ler..haha..

kolok mee x sedap..huhu,pity me..=(..

ok,back to the topic..loneliness makes us think,isnt it??...why i say it that way is,yo la im alone at home since morning until evening and become temporary housewife at the moment..huhu..but what the main point here is that when we're alone,we start to think of something from the past,right?...moreover,at that time you dont know what you wanna do since there are no more exam and no more class of course...i have this one stupid event happen to me just 2 days before my last exam-eng paper..i've been betrayed..yup,being BETRAYED by my own friends(think it back of course la by friends,have you ever being betrayed by strangers???ermm)'s a lil' bit hurting,im telling you..wanna know how the things going on??..ermmm..lets see..i like this one guy..i chatted with him along that study week and im quite depressed with my own feeling(what the small thing deep inside..hhe..) i told sum1 through ym all i feel toward the 'guy' i like without mentioning who that guy is..d'oh..then,i warned him not to mention what i told him to somebody else..guess what?...he told one of my friend, and god and myself know how my felt that hurts and since that i would never trust him to keep my the same moment also,without i knew before this..actually the guy i like is on his way to tackle one gurl..a girl i never know for sure..once i know, hurts me badly...i knew about this from my close friend,thanks to her~sayang ko sgt2..hehe~..i wont lie ok, this thing distract me a lot..i cried in front of her(close friend,sorry cant mention her name here)..and there she started to persuade me and told me the possibilities of the guy i like with the girl he's going to tackle can be well going..ok,im fine with him tackling other girl but not with the fact that he betrayed me..hate him that time..

anyway,right now im ok and no more birdly feeling on him..i just wanna treat him as a friend..i like him since the 1st time i saw him,you know..until now but i never want to be more than a friend..because..i know that the relationship wont be lasting..heehe..paham2 la now,let us be friends!!..haha,mcm la die bce blog aku nie,keh2..ok la stop sign for my story..

so the main thing i wanna point out here is that..dont be all alone if you dont want to think something so stupid.haha..but sometimes loneliness is the best medicine i can have in solving my little problems..can call myself a solitude person,right??...loneliness also hurts us when things turn up side down..and at this time we need friends to support us,but..where did they go??..friends sometimes cannot be trust in certain certain cases,we have to take the risks in trusting them..because what are friends for,kn2??..and all the risks is our own responsible if anything comes up from it..cant blame them on everything which later goes wrong..
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