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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

1st day of holiday...

cant wait to be flight is on sunday..arrgghhh..3 days left..cpt la masa berlalu..haha..deserve me right,it's me that choose that flight actually..

yesterday was my last paper for my 1st sem in ukm..eng paper..haha not bad..1st page of the text,i have my focus on it but in the end of 2nd page..aihh,my mind flew to something that i shud not think at that time..something that hurts me so badly..i tell you later la about that,=P..right now,im starting to be calm and lets start packing our stuffs!!..i dont know if we need to empty our room but i just leave my brg2 here..hehe,klo kne denda pdn la muke kte sume..

owhh..i wanna talk about my 1st final exam today..=)..ermmm..killer paper,i think i give that award to physioanatomy paper..eventhough biochem was scary but atleast we knew what inside..i means we read the past year paper before that..keh2 a lil' bit easy,i think..but for this physioanat,everyone is clueless(even after our dearest Dr KO gave the hints..lots of hints)..other paper-inorganic chem,organic chem,time management,etnics relation and eng..all of it is 8..owh 1 more,it's amali kimia(dont know what it is in eng,keh2..)..amali kimia was the 2nd easiest paper we have this time..the easiest one is..jeng2..what you think??? was etnics telling you this..the questions were all copy n paste from the past year phm2 la hoh..those who read the past year seriously,can score high i guess..ermm..

hey...wanna see my coursemate????..ermmm lets see if i can put their photo here..hehe..
i dont know if you have the interest to know who my classmates are but ill just talk about them here
and you just shut your mouth and read silently...ok??
1stly the girls..others than me(of course laa)..shaza,izni,syahira,lina,aya,shida,shima,salma,dila,zu,intan,fady,beh,hui yong,pei chen,lay ying and melody...the boys..din,ijat,faiz,karl,eddy,min,chee hau,hasnul,yoon ming,yong shiang and jen yew..
all of us is 29 but actually at 1st we're 30..sheela left after about 2 months we're together as course mate..she's now taking medic at non gov college at kedah..miss her soooooo much,wuuwuuu..(i always tell her my problem,so it's not easy at her early im fine without her ehheh)..ermm..i have 5 coursemate that stay in same block floor..aras 4 blok f..lina,syira,izni,shaza n guys make my life brighter here in this block,ahakk..i dont know,seriously dont know what im going to do if they're not around..lina with her help in study,shaza as my next door neighbor with her 50cent coins,syira that always help massage me,izni who knocking my door with "mkn x??" question and fady the only one i can talk sarawakian language with, aras 2,it's dila(all alone..) and sheela stay at aras 1 before..

d' 530 not finish my packing yet!!!! i guess i stop here..i let you know a lil' bit about my other coursemate later k..hehe..daaaa
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