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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jealous and trust.

It's either you get jealous or you're over it.

Just finish the last episode of Awkward in my keep. Not the final episode, but the last episode I retrieved from Ev. This time, Jenna talked about trust.

It makes me to conclude 1 thing. Trust without jealousy is bad. Jealousy itself is enough to be labelled as bad. Trust that stands by its own is bad as &E#*$#@#

Then, when you rebalance the trust and the jealousy, it creates harmony. Harmony of the relationship. Sounds sweet aite? Good to agree.

I have bad relationship because I'm freaky jealous of my own partner. But, after years, I did evolved. Being with 'him', I change the jealousy into trust. It takes me some effort but I did. Then the problem came. Evolution can never be easy if your man never support you. Trust me. So dear gentleman, please support your lady.

However, not having even 1% of jealousy is a bit something somewhere wrong in there. I see that as why-should-I-care thingy. Which means, you're over it. You don't care, and you're don't even bother to know.

Please have a good weekend dearie. I'm gonna enjoy mine without any regrets !

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