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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

arini is today..

today is march 18..
any idea???..(otak kosong xleh tido..huhu)
yesterday was syahirah's bezday..but dont have the photo yet..cant upload it here..=(

n 2 days ago is a relief day..everything is fine relief, all thing is settled down n hopefully will back to normal..but,i still have this unease feel which i myself dont understand it..feel of guilty perhaps..if you're following my blog for centuries, you might notice something missing in my page here..lets acting nothing happens ok..*wink*

it's 2.40 am..
cant sleep..maybe because i slept too much on the noon..from 1pm untill 6..d'oh..cant help it when you slept like hell..a few minutes later, salma texted me
salma:jum men badminton

but,then she said "nk jln2 g tasek la", both of us pn jln2 g tasek and went eat's been a while i think i didnt eat burger..2 months maybe(busy deyh)..went back to college about 7pm..

tonight, i had borneo dance again but this time for the college dinner..maybe this will be my last dance participation in sem,we're moving to bangi..*i dont want to move to bangi..bangi xde die..=(*..oppss,me merepek again..haha

today is quite a happy mode for me..same as yesterday also..i met him-yesterday n today..hehe,and same as before,i couldnt do anything except looking at him..
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