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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, March 29, 2009


it's sunday..should be great right but today for me,it's not!..

i've lost my mood to do anything not even to study. later in the evening, we're leaving to the HGH convention centre-the place we'll have the college dinner which is tonight. having rehearsal 1st there but now im in the can-i-skip-that-thing mood. ayooo~~

just now, i tidy up my desk. so that amy(dearest roommate) won't be stunt seeing her room like dump. haha, i guess you can imagine how's the room looks like. it's a lil' bit tidy now except the 'rak'..with lots of dont-know-what-the-paper-are and the new comics i bought yesterday..aihh~

i bought 4 new comics yesterday, crazy is't but i am crazy over comics..=P.(used to bought 7 comics at 1 time..and spent rm200++ for comics when i was in matric year..lalala~). i just read one and the rest, dont have the mood either.

yesterday also, i'm having this one interview of spkg(sistem penilaian kompetensi generik). not a bad interview and thanks god everything are smooth eventhough i thought i was late at 1st. it should start at 530 pm and i manage to arrive k1 5 minutes after that, but everyone didnt go in because the group before us was still inside..fuhh~

lots of people might think that spending rm200++ for things like comics as useless aka membazir. but for me, as long as im satisfied because im crazy over it and i want to make it as a collection. at home(the last time i count it) i have about 70 comics. im not sure if i can get it into 100 untill this semester end..huhu..maybe it's my favourite to spend the money. and now i realise that i prefer to spend it with stuff. buy comics, hairclip, earring, dress and food of course instead of spending it in such a way like movie or bowling. i use the money for something that i can keep for times, but for things that cant be kept i'm quite slow i guess.

FYI: i'm in dead lazy. and wish me the best for tonight.=\
psst:some1 borrows my comics but didn't give it back
but i dont know who..huhu='(
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