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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Relationship: My life is a crack.


I was about to write anything come across. But my mind seems as, mindless. Blergh.

Relationshp. Quite some times isn't did not talk about this so called serious thingy. Ting tong.

Whenever any relationship went to Dumpster, it took me maybe a month (?), or two (?) to re-think and re-flash. And the old relationship, never never never pick it back. Picking it back might make you happy, but in the end, you'll regret everything.

And to think of everything again, there is a big point, any one of us will have to take one huge break and rest. And stop thinking. Here, I make the thinking. I should stop having all the nonsense crappy relationship. I promised myself I will enjoy my life-which-gonna-full-of-money to the fullest. But hey ! What I'm doing?? Being sober about a guy who never appreciate me?? Pfffft ! 

I should put the working life ahead, right? We are no longer the teenages who read books, or went to movie when there's new movie comes out. Or stay late at night, watching RunningMan non-stop. We are grownups. 

We shouldn't put relationship ahead. Unless you're married. Another story. But this lovey dovey things, I hate them. 

Continued... I hope there's a continuity.. Have a good day peeps !

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