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..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#a story that reflect#

The Story
Zee Avi

Broken dreams, broken dreams,
hopin' some day you'll see me.
Sky is gray, sky is gray,
but I'm dancin in the rain.
Live to sway, live to sway,
will you remember my name?
Live a lie, live a lie,
why don't you ask yourself why?
Don't you open your eyes?
Only the moon, only the moon, only the moon,
will hear my plea.
Only the creatures of the night,
will harmonize with me.
Missed you so, missed you so,
and I wondered if you know;
The wind has blown me in this corner
and it's hard to let go.
That's the story,
that's the story of you and me
That's the story,
that's the story of you and me
nota bersepah: i seriously want to dedicate this song to some1 who took away my heart before, but my rational head always say dont..maybe that's the best for me,him and her..
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cambesje said...

xnk bg lagu kat sye ke??

LeMaNtO said...

pengaruh lagu yg melukai jiwa.. kalo boleh..elakkan..!ngee~

ariz azali said...

suka gila dgr lagu zee avi bi

~iceq~ said...

syira: sudah ad lagu khas bwat kamoo..mne bole disama lagu untuk kamoo dgn mereka yg lain..*wink*

susah lorr..lagu yg mencarik hati ini jugak yg menjadi mknan telinga..huhu~

lin pn sama..hehe~~

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