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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

.:meaning of a smile:.

greeting people..

today's smile?..yerp, i wanna talk about a smile..
it's not his smile im going to talk about but it's something else that catch my mind off

i mention before right where am i coursemate hometown
im staying here for 1 week holiday, along with musim buah...hoho
so happy when we can eat fruits with free

staying together with her family is her grandpa, we call him atok.
atok is very old from what i can assume, just recover from old illness
and now he's not feeling well, got fever

so, the main thing i want to talk of is the smile on his face that i can see within these few days
how i can feel that the smile is so-so-so full of happiness
when his daughter(my friend's mom) talk to him, ask what he want to eat or what he need
he smiles like the world is his
and that smile melt me..i can see he is so happy to be with his daughter

and that remind me of my grandpa..been a while didnt pay him a visit..

at first i saw him past few days, i felt pity
well, everyone feel it that way when we see elders
because he's not well, too old to walk by himself
need others to help him. but, inside those we see, i know now
that, he is happy in his life.

today, i see another expression on his face again.
a sad face. dissapointment is the best word to say i think
someone, a relative just passed away this morning
but he couldnt pay for a last respect.
when his daughter told him not to go as he's not very well
he's just remain in silent, like thinking of something
perhaps thought that why he cant go
when being asked did he ok to go, he kept saying he's fine and no headache
but then, we can see that he had headache
so makcik decide he should rest at home
again i see the sad face of his
my gosh, that hurts me a lil bit

now, he sleep. slept since morning. demam x kebah lg.
i hope that he'll get well very-very soon
i think he get fever because of last night outing, we went for eating satay
and it's quite cold outside..
ermmm..anyway, let us together pray for him, ok...

nota bersepah: i did adore that smile, a smile of an elder have the happiness of the world..may god bless him always..

nota lagi:esok mau balik bangi dah..dok kt burhan..hoho~~

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Masz said...

spe 2??

~iceq~ said... aku ad ckp spe..keh2~~

~~oOpEt~~ said...

teringat "simple smile for a happy life" friend always ckp e2...ha6...

~iceq~ said...

oopet..nice quote..hehe..=D

~~oOpEt~~ said...

let smile...ha6...btw, why should we smile between other??emmm....penah smile slalu then diorg ckap xelok...ha6

~iceq~ said...

ermm...untuk eratkn hub?..kui2~

aku senyum salunyer sbb nk timbulkn suasana mesra..ngeee

org kate senyum 24jam mcm org gila..kah2~~
tkot dislh erti kot..

~~oOpEt~~ said...

mybe bgus gak snyum...snaman otot mulut cam mkn gule3 getah....ha6

nasevh said...

u made me remeber to my datuk la..

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