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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

cerita di bulan pose~~

haluu people!!
hehe..been a time didnt post anything here
quite busy and quite malas also..hoho~~

the main story im telling later is about what had happen during this 1st week of ramadhan..
opss..isnt weird if i talk about puasa things??
it's not that im fasting like my muslim friends did, but only that i did fast some days..
in this 1st week, i survively fast only for 3 days..the rest,errr...

but still, i 'berbuka' with them..wait till the azan then eat together...

then,yesterday..for the 1st time, i cooked for them..

the spaghetti..:D

after bought all the stuff needed with kak syima..
lets start the mission..
with syira's rice cooker,knife and all things..
cincang2 daging
[sbb xjumpa daging cincang,so cincang sndiri ler]
potong carrot,mushroom..
everything seem smooth tau..

the others from fletlet came at 7..the spaghetti was ready
but with some slack on it...
guys,the pasta and the sos=(

the pasta was over cook..lembik..the sos, too cair..
they said its taste is ok..sedap la..but im not satisfied..i dont think it's tasty at all..

need to try again later<--- azam..hak2~~

in fact that some of the forensic girl are not here,going back to home

so can have for another try later..hehe~

pasta yang terlebih masak..huuu~
sos spaghetti yang cair..nampak macam kari dah..hoho~
nota bersepah: 1st time masak spaghetti..not bad la..agaga~~
fakta: lepas nie nk g berbuka lg ngn xpose pn arini..weekend babe,byk godaan dlm blk..hak2~~
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Sunday, August 2, 2009



hihi..what a blessed day isnt it?.. a celeb of the friendship day,the 3 of us-me,lina and shaza(syira went back home..huhu) went ko kajang town
main mission: satay kajang! and shopping for friendship day present..weee~~~

so what we get today is...a ring...and a bracelet..we put our name on the ring..nice right..hehe
the symbol of the friendship^_^

our first plan actually want to buy t-shirt for the present..but since me and shaza have contra we cancel it out..
we buy our own shirt after that..ekeke~

finish shopping,we go for satay kajang!..wee...satay..satay..satay..
wow..the satay is so big wooo...i can only sumbat 4 cucuk..other 6-tapau jer...kui2~~
wanna give it to room mate as well..[must have one for roommate..ngee]

we go back to college almost 10pm..luckily,the commuter is not in deadly sesak..pheww~~

but what so unlucky today is- i lost syira's ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wuaaaa!!!!.i cant believe it...

i korek2 my beg,my pant..there's empty..i must lost it in the town...*sob2*
i should put it in my pocket so careless..=(

so tomorrow(lepas nie la sebetolnyer..ngee)i leave to kajang a new one to replace it
and at the same the new mirror that i break up just now..
a mirror that i just buy this evening..and it is specially bought for my dearest buddy
[birthday buddy 1 ogos..arini lorr..weee]
waaaaa...malang la ini malam..adoyaii~

fakta:happy friendship day to all..and may that the friendship is last forever...=D

fakta xleh dibidas:kepada yang berkenaan..sayang korunk..this friendship is the one that i want till death..

fakta lagi:happy birthday to dearest buddy..forensic 3rd year..kak rini rozainie[xtau la btol a eja nie..huhu]..wish you lotssss of luck and happy life..^_^

nota bersepah:today is a happy day...

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