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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Sunday, August 2, 2009



hihi..what a blessed day isnt it?.. a celeb of the friendship day,the 3 of us-me,lina and shaza(syira went back home..huhu) went ko kajang town
main mission: satay kajang! and shopping for friendship day present..weee~~~

so what we get today is...a ring...and a bracelet..we put our name on the ring..nice right..hehe
the symbol of the friendship^_^

our first plan actually want to buy t-shirt for the present..but since me and shaza have contra we cancel it out..
we buy our own shirt after that..ekeke~

finish shopping,we go for satay kajang!..wee...satay..satay..satay..
wow..the satay is so big wooo...i can only sumbat 4 cucuk..other 6-tapau jer...kui2~~
wanna give it to room mate as well..[must have one for roommate..ngee]

we go back to college almost 10pm..luckily,the commuter is not in deadly sesak..pheww~~

but what so unlucky today is- i lost syira's ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wuaaaa!!!!.i cant believe it...

i korek2 my beg,my pant..there's empty..i must lost it in the town...*sob2*
i should put it in my pocket so careless..=(

so tomorrow(lepas nie la sebetolnyer..ngee)i leave to kajang a new one to replace it
and at the same the new mirror that i break up just now..
a mirror that i just buy this evening..and it is specially bought for my dearest buddy
[birthday buddy 1 ogos..arini lorr..weee]
waaaaa...malang la ini malam..adoyaii~

fakta:happy friendship day to all..and may that the friendship is last forever...=D

fakta xleh dibidas:kepada yang berkenaan..sayang korunk..this friendship is the one that i want till death..

fakta lagi:happy birthday to dearest buddy..forensic 3rd year..kak rini rozainie[xtau la btol a eja nie..huhu]..wish you lotssss of luck and happy life..^_^

nota bersepah:today is a happy day...

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nasevh said...

really glad that..
we surround by
many of his creatures that we can
share our stories..problems..
always in our side no matter
good or bad times..
lunch or dining on the same table..
laughing loudly bother others.
with our out-of-mind xtvt..
n most important things, not make we feel alone goin thru this life..
hope all this will not fade away till the moment we're dead..
happy frenship day to all friends in da world~

cambesje said...

dah dpt blek dah cincin syira..
tq lin~~

~iceq~ said...

nas...wah pjg..hoho
nice words,fren..thnx for that..^_^
and happy friendship day..

syira..hehe..ur welcome bebeh...nsb bek muat..ekeke~~

Dee said...

frenship day???
bpe kali staun frenship day ni arr???
pelik aku...

waa... sate kajang...
smlm aku mkn sate pasar mlm jee... :(
err, 4 cucuk jee ko mkn?
huh, rugi2....

nasevh said...

cpt la wish kt ak blik..

~iceq~ said...

dee..ikt suke ko la bape byk ko nk..ekeke~~
alaa..lebey tu aku bedal kt blek n bg kt rumate aku gak...xde rugi..kui2~~

nas..dh wish dh..hehe~~

nasevh said...

for da wish.

hey there syaira said...

nk jugk satay!! =p

NOOR FATIN said...

nak satay!!
iceq..sila blanje piza+satay

biskutgaBeng said...

small thing inside..mmg ko kecil ya?
et.tu flutterby mengganggu ak nak baca ko pnya post la..

~iceq~ said...

syaira..meh la dtg kajang..t aku blnje..ngee~~

fatin..haha..cpt jer ek klo mknan..yela2..nnt aku larat ker nk mkn sume??hoho a small creature..kah2~
lorr..bia la nk tempek gmba pelik2 kt c2..

Richeal Phil @ Ritz ^-^ said...

happy friendship blogger day also!
ader keh hari tuk ni yeh?? hehe

~iceq~ said...

ermm..bwat2 la ad..haha~~

Masz said...

epi friend..
betoi ke ayat aku ni?

nasevh said...

xde enrty bru ke?
bz study seyh..
weyh..rajenkn diri anda jwb tag kt blog ak..anda ditagged ok.

~iceq~ said...

bz la jgak lately..
nk jenguk cni pn jd mls..ape ag nk wat entry br..

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