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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

||hari ini||

greeting people!!

so today, arini~
is the last day of midsem exam. such a relief,seriously sgt2 relief. past 2 weeks is actually a hard weeks for me. why?. it's him, and yes him again.=_+

i dont know what the wrong with me, my mind and what the heck my brain try to think of. but in these weeks, my mind was full of him. i thought that i am successfully forgetting him, but then in a pop of firework he came passing through my mind like the water jet.hoh?. never mind. since that, tears is the only company i had. the history is repeating itself. sound scary?. for me, a lil' bit ya~~

forget about that. new page please~

today, after the last paper kak syima ask for a 'jalan-jalan'. i said, ok!lets go!.haha. we went to warta 1st, and i withdrawn rm100[since that i only had rm30 in the purse,ngee]we went buying some stuffs, i dont remember what. even now, the things i bought are still in the plastic.[lazy me kn?kui2~],later then i told kak syima,'nk bli tiub la'[sejenis cloths k,bkn tiub tayar]then i said 'nk bli toto la'. taking a few rounds and still didnt found any target but already snatch 1 blouse, kak syima decided ' jom la g metro kajang '.[tapi kuar2 jer dari warta..ehh,ujan ker?..alamak abeh basah helmet=_=]

there goes our adventure to kajang with her scooter,agaga~. [i called it adventure because she never been to kajang by her scooter,kui2]. then,sesat punya sesat we get there at last..hoorayy~we went to parkson, teeettttetttt. eh,what's that?. the salegirl said, 'plastik nie yg bunyi td' there she give it a try again. teeetteeettt. eh, how come?. i didnt buy anything yet here. so, she open the plastic beg and, oh rupa2nya tag baju yg bli kat warta orang tu x buka!!!!!![jadi cam case aya pula]. thanks god that the salegirl was willing to help removing the tag. fuhh~
after that, we tour the parkson and tested some dress. nothing fit. i bought some i-dont-know-necessary-or-not things and also a present for my niece^_^.

after unsuccessfull lil' journey inside, we went outside to the cloth shop in front the metro. here, i snatch another blouses.ngeee~kak syima also got 1, but only after we came back because she was not satisfied she still dont get 1.hehe

we went back ukm after i bought kfc for karl [n myself] and withdrawn another rm100. alalala~

then,on 6pm we went to bazar. buy food and i buy this last i got 1..shuke2~

fakta: arini beli 3 baju, 1 toto, mkn kfc 2 kali, mangkuk kaler merah, present priya, tissue holder for home, and a self stick, total spend is around rm150++

nota bersepah: omg..rm150++..camne leh sampai 150???..this is an unplan jln2, nk jln2 jer bkn nk shopping..waaaa..ape nk jadi ngn ko nie wahai sadeline..sedar x dlm akaun tu tgal sekerat jer lg duit ko???..ko nk mkn pasir ker ujung sem nie?.ko nk ternganga jer ker mse trip g pangkor t ble dak lain sume beli barang ko juz bole tgk jer sbb dah xde duit??..oh my gosh,bila nk berubah?????
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biELa said...

shoping itu indah
kikiki..klo bnde tak penting jgn beli

mcm aku..nk beli barang kena pk 18x
tp klo bab mkn..hurm..
lepas mkn bru pk


harisu-sama a.k.a RS said...

hahaha! mybe hepi sgt dah abis midterm exam bg aku,pasal makan xper kalau belanje lebih :)

nasevh said...

nga kaye syall..
leh la blanje ak line..

~iceq~ said...

klo pasal mknan tu,kite sama!!!
haha..lpas mkn br nk pk..p klo brg bole ag nk pk beli ke x
tp kn..kdg2 bende x penting tu la yg sibok gak nk bli..kui2~

btol2..myb sbb hepi midsem dh abeh..n klo mknan mmg ssh gak nk berkira..dh mkn br la terigt kate nk save duit..agaga~

dh kopak bwat2 tgh kaya..
tu yg leh shopping ag..ekeke~~

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