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Cuba fikir elok elok

..anda rasa anda dah cukup bersyukur?..

Friday, September 25, 2009

bola tergolek


arini..mood kurang ok..many factors contribute to it..satunya is i dont wanna go back to bangi..

seriously, at this moment my heart is sweetie home. waaaa,enggak mau pulang deh. but nanti2 pun kena pulang juga. adeh. kalau diikutkan, isnin nanti kena hantar tutorial organic chemistry. but i forgot to bring the questions and my flight is on that monday as well. ini pun mengundang kemalasan tuk balik juga.adoyaii #1~

kalau rajin, boleh je call that lecturer and tell her or him that i need an excuse to send the tutorial. but i dont know which lecturer i need to refer to.adoyai #2

after this cuti raya, the final exam is another 3 weeks. im not starting my study yet and the subjects,all of them are too much to be read. my gosh, i think im killing myself. maybe for those 3 weeks i really really need to focus and concentrate on books and lecture notes. it's a MUST. or else, im a dead meat. my midsem exams are dead, dead dead dead..adoyaii #3

that the story of malas-reason of dont want to go back to ukm..agaga~

next is..see the title..bola kan?. haaa,nk cite pasal bola. sikit je..ho~

that day, i message with a friend. a very crazy, sengal friend i ever had. asking me what im doing, then said

nape tgk cite tu..tgk la blablabla

comey la cite nie..blablabla..aku suke

geli dow..tgk tajuk pn dh nyampah
same la cam arsenal..xbez gak..
hoi, jgn kutuk team aku. putus sahabat t, haha
owh..camnie la kwn. bola ag penting

yes, btol2.haha..blablabla


so, i dont know if you think the same way as i did. im not mad that he said bola lg penting. but it makes me think. orang gila bola memang macam nie ker?
i used to gadoh with my brother because of bola. a reason why i dont like bola on tv,huh!
well, that the last message i had with him. it's been 48 hours maybe we didnt contact, fed up la kot. hoho~

budak,maap ler klo marah aku kutuk arsenal tu..spe suh ko kutuk cite yg aku ske tgk..ekeke~

nota bersepah: die tu dh umpama badut, busan gak ble x msg dier..agaga~

fakta: really2 dont wanna go back..*sob3*

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

||hari ini||

greeting people!!

so today, arini~
is the last day of midsem exam. such a relief,seriously sgt2 relief. past 2 weeks is actually a hard weeks for me. why?. it's him, and yes him again.=_+

i dont know what the wrong with me, my mind and what the heck my brain try to think of. but in these weeks, my mind was full of him. i thought that i am successfully forgetting him, but then in a pop of firework he came passing through my mind like the water jet.hoh?. never mind. since that, tears is the only company i had. the history is repeating itself. sound scary?. for me, a lil' bit ya~~

forget about that. new page please~

today, after the last paper kak syima ask for a 'jalan-jalan'. i said, ok!lets go!.haha. we went to warta 1st, and i withdrawn rm100[since that i only had rm30 in the purse,ngee]we went buying some stuffs, i dont remember what. even now, the things i bought are still in the plastic.[lazy me kn?kui2~],later then i told kak syima,'nk bli tiub la'[sejenis cloths k,bkn tiub tayar]then i said 'nk bli toto la'. taking a few rounds and still didnt found any target but already snatch 1 blouse, kak syima decided ' jom la g metro kajang '.[tapi kuar2 jer dari warta..ehh,ujan ker?..alamak abeh basah helmet=_=]

there goes our adventure to kajang with her scooter,agaga~. [i called it adventure because she never been to kajang by her scooter,kui2]. then,sesat punya sesat we get there at last..hoorayy~we went to parkson, teeettttetttt. eh,what's that?. the salegirl said, 'plastik nie yg bunyi td' there she give it a try again. teeetteeettt. eh, how come?. i didnt buy anything yet here. so, she open the plastic beg and, oh rupa2nya tag baju yg bli kat warta orang tu x buka!!!!!![jadi cam case aya pula]. thanks god that the salegirl was willing to help removing the tag. fuhh~
after that, we tour the parkson and tested some dress. nothing fit. i bought some i-dont-know-necessary-or-not things and also a present for my niece^_^.

after unsuccessfull lil' journey inside, we went outside to the cloth shop in front the metro. here, i snatch another blouses.ngeee~kak syima also got 1, but only after we came back because she was not satisfied she still dont get 1.hehe

we went back ukm after i bought kfc for karl [n myself] and withdrawn another rm100. alalala~

then,on 6pm we went to bazar. buy food and i buy this last i got 1..shuke2~

fakta: arini beli 3 baju, 1 toto, mkn kfc 2 kali, mangkuk kaler merah, present priya, tissue holder for home, and a self stick, total spend is around rm150++

nota bersepah: omg..rm150++..camne leh sampai 150???..this is an unplan jln2, nk jln2 jer bkn nk shopping..waaaa..ape nk jadi ngn ko nie wahai sadeline..sedar x dlm akaun tu tgal sekerat jer lg duit ko???..ko nk mkn pasir ker ujung sem nie?.ko nk ternganga jer ker mse trip g pangkor t ble dak lain sume beli barang ko juz bole tgk jer sbb dah xde duit??..oh my gosh,bila nk berubah?????
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